My top image was inspired by Dan Winter's excellent presentation:
Dan Winter's "Brief History of 'God': Serious ET Origins of Earth" on YouTube

- It's the Anunnaki - Enki - the cloner/ Enlil - his cloned double/ Yaldabaoth/YHWH - Lord Archon/"Governor" the territorial administrator of Earth - mythos.
Supposedly, a joined venture between the Orion geneticists and Sirian administrators. - Enki was a son of an Orion queen and a Sirian king. Orion, much older and more advanced civilization finally made a pact with Sirius millions of years later. Both, were advanced warring cultures.

The pyramids and Orion's Belt, Nassim Haramein on YouTube
RE: Geometry and physics of the Pyramids. Engineers/mathematicians' story.

Watch "The Mysterious History & Cover Up Of The Orion Nebula - Danny Wilten" on YouTube

Why Are The PYRAMIDS Aligned with Orion's Belt?

*(SEE, Pictoral representation RE: Axis Mundi - Creation Myth - The Pyramids - The Eye in the Triangle - Orion Nebula - Primordial Mirroring - The Brain - Pineal Gland... Earth Ley Lines, and Osiris Creation myth)

Watch - Geopolitical/Astronomical issues - 26,000 yr cycle - Giza -the astronomical clock

"NASA rejects BigBang theory & accepts VEDIC explanation" on YouTube

More - Myth or Not - further final entanglement...

[Enki, an amphibian Draco/Reptilian ET, strayed into the void/dark matter/ where wondering in the wilderness, he apparently lost his mind/gone insane after he had been infected by the Archon worms who gained complete control of his being.
Watch "Lord Enki the Cosmic Vampire" on YouTube

- This is a perfect metaphor for what's happening to humanity at this time. - Massive confusion, disinformation running rampant, mass depression, Pharma and drug use. - The Archontic/Draco paradigm of DNA manipulation, cloning, and terraforming of Earth - in other words, invasion and colonization of Earth - is a useful narrative perpetuated by the Babylonian/Jesuit propaganda of the NWO/Central Bankers/Military Industrial Complex/and Pharma that needs an excuse for their policies and agendas. (Note that every well educated and accomplished YouTube presenter putting forth this kind of narrative - is Jesuit trained through their respective universities.)

On the other hand, this mythos might just be our currently hot reality. You decide...

"Update Situation Parasitic Interdimensional Infection Soul Stealing Spiritual Enslavement System", Aug Tellez, on YouTube

The inorganic, drone Archon parasite can indeed exert influence on Homo sapiens, infecting all. Their every organ, blood and lymph are vulnerable. The Archon parasite feeds on humans - invading organs and feeding on negative emotions, e.g. fear. (See, Loosh feeding). This infection/infestation can drive people insane making them incapable of rational and humane decision making. The Jesuit Order are the enablers, accomplishing this agenda through GMO, Geoengineering, HAARP, DARPA, Vaccines programs, which have been in effect since WWII; also, through massive brainwashing by all forms of Media, and still, as always, through Religion - namely, Redemptive forms of religion. No beneficial symbiosis here.

The Archon invader/parasite program was designed to terminate its host. Advanced Silicon/AI based forms are the preferred future of Earth. See, NASA Agenda 2025 below.

“Interdimensional /electrical/ parasites hijacked the process between now and the previous occurrence and inserted their consciousness into the creation process resulting in a skewered manifestation of duality and spiritual warfare holding back the natural spiritual progression of the universe.” See,

- These entities trick people into accepting their own demise and accepting punishment through believing they're not worthy or are 'bad'.

If advanced technologies can implant beliefs and memories in targetted individuals, then sentient beings can't ever know the whole truth. Would that render human existence meaningless?

Let me just say outright, that even if we live in a simulation, holographic/fractal world, we still have absolute responsibility for our individual lives, our timeline, our cultures, nations, political structure, the environment and peaceful advancement of all sentient beings. - Against all odds, the best we can do...

The Original Caretakers of Earth and the Vampire AI Invasion, Part 2
(The Original Caretakers were from Kemit, gave us all knowledge - science, technology, architecture, economy, ethics, etc. Cosmic Wars ushered in the Matrix... ) Please watch.

Serious Topic - The Desire to Know the Truth is a Requirement - Time is a Mind-Virus

What it amounts to is this: You have to bio-hack your way out of the Matrix. You have to be absolutely fearless. Doubt kills… In the Matrix, you are part of a hive mind, which polices itself thus self maintains the organization of the Matrix.

Soul Contracts, The Warning and Afterlife Systems of a Cosmic School or Prison Plane-ET

(Check out: James Casbolt [Michael Prince/& MILAB experiments], Max Spiers, Donald Marshall, in relation to Aug Tellez' Blogs.)

AntFugue, I wrote it back in 1987, after visiting Stanford University, in Palo Alto, CA, for the first time. Saying to myself, "Wow, Escher City", and then it all downed on me... Cosmic School or Prison Plane-ET? I ask the same question. See what you make of it.

What the Gnostics knew - the NAG HAMMADI Codices - story of Sophia/ Gaia

Gnosis official website:

"What Mystics & Prophets Revealed About Hyper Dimensional Entities" on YouTube
- In a nutshell/a brief, simplified explanation.

Red Ice Radio - John Lash - White Genocide & The Archontic Infection

“If there is a problem for the human species that has a supernatural origin, it too has to have a supernatural solution. – It's Sophia’s correction”, says John Lash: "Yaldabaoth/YHWH supposedly made a pact with the tribe of Abraham, giving the Earth to them for doing their bidding on Earth. But the EARTH was NOT HIS TO GIVE!"
Plus, who are the Tribe of Abraham, the Khazarians or the actual Palestinians? - That is the larger question. Which group are the actual Semites? Furthermore, the Babylonian Holy Bible - the Old & New Testaments are the work of the Babylonian/ Vatican Matrix. QUESTION MORE... Watch "The Vatican Created Islam To Take Jerusalem, Kill True Christians and Jews" on YouTube

RE: Immaturity of species/ "The longer the childhood, the more complex the organism"? – No, there is no advantage here! Not when the species ends up imprinting before they reach maturity! They'll be prone to rash decisions, fatal mistakes that might destroy their lives. Hence abortions, and the success of US Army Draft Recruitment - The human species is programmed to self-genocide. The Matrix' systematic deadening of the human population's pineal gland - the third eye's information field - serves this purpose. Hence, the majority buys into fallacy, propaganda, shameless lies that the controllers put forth. ‘This the procedure’ : Cull the herd. Exterminate them in large numbers.

The Neurotropic Parasite Toxoplasma Gondii Increases Dopamine Metabolism Emese Prandovszky, Elizabeth Gaskell, Heather Martin, J. P. Dubey, Joanne P. Webster, Glenn A. McConkey.

When it comes to the ruling US Empire's Cabal/ Legion/ - John Lash, David Icke, and Aug Tellez reach the same conclusion.

Aug Tellez sums it up like this: RE: In 1913, the Central Bankers Cabal created the FED. Now they tells us, "You don't have to sugarcoat it anymore; face it, WE STOLE YOUR WORLD."

Aug Tellez: Secret Space Program, Solar Warden, The Unveiling, Secret Societies, Higher Awareness

Aug Tellez works for the Secret Space Program; his soft disclosure presentations were supposedly authorized by NASA.

Watch "The Acquisition of Parallels" Aug Tellez, on YouTube

"The Original Son and the Maya Matrix Perceptual Mind Maze", Aug Tellez, on YouTube

- Aug Tellez' presentations are all very complex explanations dealing with fractal grids, holographic layers, frequencies, and parallel realities.

David Icke - "Who Built The Moon? The Lion Sleeps No More" on YouTube, 2017
Geopolitical, detailed account -here and now!


Orion-/-Sirius, and their "Divide and Conquer" prime directive... Supposedly, on Orion, the male and female population had each a different language. Population capable of generating literal tempest storms, they habitually directed these tempests - great balls of fire/energy - against the opposite sex/in opposing camps! These Reptilian Draco, plasma beings, capable of steering tempest storms, would have been smart enough to perceive the "divide and conquer" set up and get around it to live in peace. But the Draco race thrived on discord and endless wars. The Ancient Cosmic war (3.2 billion years ago) between planetary powers might have been instigated by these Reptilian Dracos. - Endless wars is a geopolitical template currently in effect; a recipe for the NWO's agenda.

It's just a one big "FALSE FLAG / HOAX" scenario. It's also a "BANDWAGON" kind of history - self-perpetuating, money-making organization set-up whose goal is large-scale disinformation /propaganda for the purpose making huge profits.

Watch "Why Can't People See This?" on YouTube
(This presentation documents how Hoaxes are perpetuated through - paid anarchists/mercenaries contracted by governments - Whenever a trend/cycle of destruction, obstruction, and wars is astronomically/astrologically indicated.)

Watch "$ Follow the Money / George Soros - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 37" on YouTube
Most False Flags/Hoaxes are a backdoor TTIP - it's about price-gouging. You tax the people to buy into any 'security systems/hardware' these corporations determine essential. The corporations are cutting a major deal with the Gov/State. It's a mutually beneficial/profitable business. Just follow the money.

Mandalay Hotel's shares bought & sold; major players - owner Murreen, George Soros, Sheldon Eidelson, former Homeland Security chief, Chertoff, Bill Gates, and Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, recently arrested in an apparent Saudi power purge.

Watch "The Saudi Purge and New World Order - Part 3" on YouTube

Now the latest, RE: Dec, 2017 - Jerusalem as Israel's official capital; US Embassy to relocate/ and global reaction. Plus, historically speaking.

Watch "Trump's Jerusalem Controversy - Does All of Jerusalem Belong to Israel?" on YouTube

Then there is an even larger mythos: Darwin's Theory of Evolution. That's the current permissible version of human history that satisfies the proponents of political correctness/and NWO. Another 'Band-Wagon' to 'jump on', in a series of leading propagandas, such as Climate Change. No commentary required: Climate Change Fraud & Agenda 21 EXPOSED w/Dr Eric Karlstrom

Watch "Is the house of history built on foundations of sand?" Graham Hancock's TEDxReading on YouTube
Graham Hancock's presentation basically sums up what the Alt Media researchers, scientists and reporters uncovered over the last 40-50 years.

BUT - The biggest piece of propaganda is the story of Christianity:

Jesus/Isus: King of Edessa | The TRUE origins of JESUS CHRIST w/ Ralph Ellis
In ancient times, Edessa was North of Aleppo, Syria. Now territorially, it belongs to Turkey. Even though exiled, Jesus/Isus was the richest man in the land. Jesus was a Prince of Persia, through his father, the Persian King. He was also a grandson of Cleopatra and Caesar. Hence, Jesus was a descendent of Egyptian Gods through his grandmother/Cleopatra, and a Prince of Rome, through Caesar, his grandfather. Not surprising that he apparently aspired to becoming the Emperor of Rome - By the sword then; ...not offering the other cheek!

And now look at the current wars taking place, their geographies, the geopolitical quantum entanglements! And the Romans/Italy and the entire EU are getting it too - in the rear end (pardon the pun) through the Middle Eastern invasion/influx of refugees. Iraq, Libya, Syria, and even Yemen, the ancient land of Saba *, then Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia - are all currently involved in wars, some only through proxies so far. Racial genocide and harvesting are the Draco/NWO agenda, which has been rebooting over and over. Territory expansion for the 'Greater Israel agenda', and pipelines for proxy partner countries are the main goals of the US/NATO faction.

What the Media Won't Tell You about Syria
RE: Genie Corporation & Syrian Golan Heights.

Naturally, the only ones NOT subjected to the influx of Middle Eastern and African refugees are - Israel and Saudi Arabia ...

Watch "The REAL TRUTH About The Middle East by Ken O'Keefe" on YouTube

What the Media Won't Tell you About Saudi Arabia

What the Media Won't Tell You About Iran

Also, see Leuren Moret's additional information and analysis futher down page.

Ralph Ellis~King Jesus from Egypt to Camelot
"And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England's mountains green" - Jerusalem - Blake's poem, and a famous English hymn - gives the secret away. Jesus/Isus came to England, 1st century, AD. The King Arthur of the Camelot legend is about the exiled Jesus/Isus. Taken down from the cross by Josephus Flavius, and nursed to health. Historians purposely confuse the timeline. The "Round Table" - represented the Zodiac. Jesus//Isus taught astrology/astronomy...Freemasonry for the future Illuminati.

Author Ralph Ellis talks Ark of the Covenant and Jewish Zodiac on TRUTH BE TOLD

  • The Processional Zodiac was accessible only to the elites - Freemason kings. The oldest Jewish Synagogues always had a large mosaic of the Processional Zodiac on the temple's floor. - An accurate way to mark the period in history, in the pursuit of recording time, cycles and trends.
  • Mnt Sinai - the Great Pyramid - RE: "40 days in the wilderness" - The pyramid is 40 times the multiple of Pi. Freemasonic Codes in the Bible are largely, geometrical or algebraic codes. Astrology had been given a bad name in the Mainstream Media in the latter part of the 20th century. Freemasonic information had been fiercely protected. Now, the grid of the Matrix is slowly getting unearthed...

    If we can speak of an actual colonization of Earth, the real colonizers came from ancient Babylon.

    SEE: "Babylon's Banksters", by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell - Watch, "We, the Sheeple v the Banksters" on YouTube

    Whether the Babylonian empire’s banking originates off-world remains to be seen.

  • "The Real Matrix Hidden in Plain Sight - Babylonian Debt Magick System & How to Break Free" on YouTube
  • Watch "Babylonian Conquering of Israel/ The Most Significant Event in All of History" on YouTube
  • The Rothschilds Own The Vatican
  • Embrace, Enfold, and Exterminate! - the Jesuit/Vatican motto. - It's the military strategic agency of Vatican, using CIA to do their bidding.

    IS THIS TRUE? See latest news below:

    China Owns California: that's why the Fires are Happening

    The 1.3 trillion debt to China is charged to the American taxpayers. Most of this money was spent on endless wars. China kept footing the bill, but now they are taking it back in US prime real estate: California and Hawaii are this property. Hence the changes happening in California - from geoengineered fires and chemtrailing, to Net Neutrality, to Universities curriculum changes. Will this mean even greater censorship than what the Chinese have in their own country?

    If China inherits Google, they won't get the biggest prize, Watch "ERIC SCHMIDT & THE SECRET DARPA TAKEOVER" on YouTube. That's because Erik Schmidt is taking over at MOTOROLA where he'll be in charge of a huge, latest project - setting up and running a mass-production of BOTs/& BORGs - Predominantly for Police Armies and War Para-trouping units? Are they getting ready to herd humans like cattle, "Elisium" style? Star Wars here already? How exactly did they manage to speed it up? Whose information did they appropriate this time? I'd be curious to know. I bet it goes back to the Alexandrian Library. Round and round we go... stuck in a loop.

    Gordie Rose of D ‘Wave says - Vancouver, to replace Silicon Valley. (Why? Because California now belongs to China? ...So are they trying to salvage a few valuable chunks of assets like Google’s top engineers to transfer them to Motorola, Vancouver, BC. CANADA?

    But BC is pretty much Chinese as well, isn't it? LOL, or not so much!)

    And then, Keiser Report, Episode #1159 - Apparently, "30 cities, so far, have handed over keys to their City Halls to Mr. Amazon.Com/ Jeff Bezos to manage...” See details down page. RE: democracy – not dying in darkness, but stolen in broad daylight and auctioned off to the most powerful bidder. See, Watch, “Jeff Bezos Exposed”, on YouTube
    Here's another: "Amazon Whistleblower Exposes Company's Heinous Practices", on InfoWars

    Selling US by the Yuan. Petro Dollar = Legal Tender, no longer a desirable value of exchange.

    See, Cosmic War Pt.1, with Joseph P Farrell

    Is this a new version of the Versailles Matrix last implemented after Germany lost WWII. The losing power is sactioned; reparation payments are implemented, plus pestilence and bloody sacrifice are indicated. China wants to house their own people in California and make the land theirs. Google and Facebook, are they now working for China? The Territorial Administrators/the NWO Cabal are handing over the US to the Chinese. They have moved all their assets over to the Chinese Central Bank/Rothschild owned/ and will now conduct their wars on behalf of the highest bidder. No loss in their profits.
    Will the Chinese claim Canada and Australia as their property – by proxy - whether they're entitled to - after they totally appropriate the US?

    The BRICS countries, plus Iran, and most of Asian countries didn't participate in the US Empire's endless wars and plunder of resource-rich countries; hence they can't be subjected to refugee quotas! But these are the countries demonized the most. Countries like Syria are bombed to smithereens for their rejection of the Central Bank. Syria trades in currencies other than the US dollar. Syria is not a nuclear power; hence they have no deterrent against the US invasion and plunder of their country, other than through allies like Russia and Iran. Similarly, Libya and Iraq, both oil rich countries resisted the Central Bank and traded in different currencies; they had been destroyed and conquered, and Central Banking implemented in both. With each country the US/Central Banking Empire conquers, they immediately steal all the gold in these countries' treasuries; just as they did most recently in the Ukraine.

    The latest revelation is US African presence: 6,000 personnel, in 32 African countries; 10 missions/per day on the average. The US claims to fight ISIS/Nusra. These so called "terrorists" are their own mercenary proxy armies - The US is in Africa to stop China and their development projects. Of course, in Syria, it's the US against Russia. The US wants to build their Saudi/Qatari pipeline through Syria, and later create their Greater Israel.

    In Afghanistan, not just because of that country's abundant poppy fields and tons and tons of precious minerals that the US plans to extract, but mainly because of their proximity to rich, Russian oil fields, Afghanistan will continue being occupied and colonized. NATO continues to increase their troupes there. Eric Prince/of Blackwater fame/ is now making a bid for a large contract with the Gov to start mining Afghanistan's mineral deposits.

    North Korea is fighting hard not to be taken over. Like Afghanistan, they have precious minerals; they also have vast poppy fields that the CIA would love to appropriate. But now North Korea has nukes... Will the US chance going in, or nuking North Korea? South Korea, Japan and neighboring countries would also be destroyed. Russia advocates diplomacy. But the US NWO Empire requires more assets for the Petro-dollars to survive. Their False Flags, HAARP and DARPA, facilitating Geoengineered fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornados, released radiation from damaged nuclear reactors, plus decades of GMO poisons, and MK-Ultra technologies to brain-damage and infect populations with fatal disorders and diseases are just a start. NASA 2025 Agenda has something far greater in store for the Globe. Is this a joint Chinese and US venture? Are any off-world ET factions involved? (See in pic memes below)

    One more thing, according to Keshe Institute: Interview of M.T. Keshe by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, 05/23/2017, it was Brussels who had clandestinely given Keshe plasma/scalar/nuclear tech to North Korea to keep China in check... This seems totally convoluted! EU did not undermine the US. So is North Korea in the US/EU/NATO camp and plays along...just another US asset? In which case, China and Russia are likely in on it as well.

    No decent/good elite there to depend on, then? Mutual demonization generates profits and therefore, works for all involved. The only difference is the "hell being paid" behind the scenes - where they are all slugging it out through every one of their spy agencies. Within the US, the alphabet agencies are fighting among themselves. It's actually more complicated than that.

    Take a look at this entry! Below:
    Leuren Moret: How to avoid Jesuits, U.S. & Russian mind control turning America into a NWO prison

    First, apparently; two KGB generals, visiting Lawrence Livermore Lab, CA in the last three years, according to Ms. Moret, transferred the tools of population control based on the East German communist persecution model to the US's surveillance agencies' databases. The NWO decided to flip the world: Russia is now destined to be the former, free, democratic USA, while the US turns into the former Soviet Union - feudal, fascist society, enslaved, censored, and confined to their reservation's borders. This will likely be Canada's fate as well ...
    (This I believe. Having grown up behind the Iron Curtain, I can see how they could flip it in the other direction. Especially, when their cash cow ship is sinking. Back then, as a kid, I had no idea that it's not the countries themselves implementing these draconian policies. It's a few central bankers...the Vatican/the CIA, and the trail doesn't end there.)

    Next, according to Leuren Moret, it's the ancient Iranian bloodlines that rule the world. Leuren Moret equates Crypto-Jewish -Marrano, Sabbatean Frankists bloodlines of Middle Eastern background, with the current population of Iran. She in effect implies that Iran is not on Russia's /China's side, and instead, is clandestinely undermining the BRICS, ruling solo. Is Iran on Israel's side then? Not likely.

    Iran's military technology seems to surpass everybody else's what little we know of it! They don't need an atom bomb, do they? Ask M.T. Keshe Or, did they actually acquire the bomb long before the now disputed and maligned agreement with Iran was signed... It's more likely that there really is no need of the bomb, as they see it. - Considering their technological superiority, which they shared with everybody, but only Russia and China, besides Iran, knew how to implement -- this plasma/scalar/nano tech. See, also to get the full picture.

    If the Farnase - an ancient Iranian/now also Cuban/ bloodline - shaped the Vatican and created the Jesuits - headquarters of the world's military strategic power - and they own the Pentagon...created and drove slavery all over the world, and continue creating and destroying cultures and all competition - is the Israeli Zionist faction not secretly working for this power, doing the Iranian dirty work, and benefiting in the process? There then must be a very strong allegiance between these two powers! I very much doubt it, though I wouldn't entirely exclude it. See, presentation and a viewer's comment below:

    What the Media Won't Tell You About Iran

    The shah was overthrown by US as he said "He wouldn't butter up the blue eyes anymore" The American embassy in Tehran was stormed by the American order and to keep the hostages in Iran; US paid $52 million to the MULLAHS. The war with Iraq was the American plan to destroy Iran's infrastructure and its powerful army and Airforce. Basically this regime is a puppet of the US and Israel." (This entry was posted by Bingo Bingo, as comment on above video)

    There is so much disinformation out there, it's a bottomless rabbit hole, benefiting the actual ruling powers. Who controls whom? Does Israel/US control the MULLAHS/Iran? Or does Iran/the MULLAHS/ control Israel/US? Let's ask Ms. Moret. Any reliance on common sense is useless here. We live in an INVERTED WORLD ORDER where no rules apply.

    "Embrace, Enfold, and Exterminate!" - Jesuit / Vatican motto... is the Satanic Talmudic motto... Wahabists' motto, as well...

    Ms. Moret, once advised viewers not to listen to Benjamin Fulford, saying that he was a disinformation agent. I consider both of them disinformation agents, still I hear what each has to say and discern. Both convey some truths; as for the rest; both are working for their actual sponsors, whoever these sponsors are! Most presenters have backers. It's therefore interesting to cross-reference information...

    To be fair, Leuren Moret knows history better than most. Her Blogs are on the whole, more facts than fiction. While Benjamin Fulford artfully mixes real facts with total fiction... The rounding up of the Khazarians might be applicable only to the pawns of the Empire. But the leadership is safe to pursue their agenda. It's this top 1% that Mr. Fulford is very likely working for.

    There might still be something out there that the NWO is afraid of.

    Toward the end of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion it is stated that "when a capable man shows up on the scene to help the Adamite race, it'll be too late." Does that not imply prescience? I wonder what Dr. Joseph P Farrell would say regarding this entry. See: his book "Babylon's Banksters. But what if it's not too late?

    If not Putin, what other able man is there to help overthrow this NWO scourge? China, Iran, India will have to play their part. But there is hardly any consensus. Most play both sides...

    The plan is to demonize Putin so much that the whole world will line up behind him and Russia as saviour/s. Russia did not entirely extricate themselves from the Rothschild Central Bank - ?yet? Putin still receives orders from the dark suits who arrive with an envelope with orders from the City of London/Central Bankers.

    What about Donald Trump? Is he just a Jesuit implant to throw a wrench into the US political scene, to confuse everybody?

    The Potus is actually much more: Behind the scenes, he's been working with George Soros, and the Israeli billionaire Zionists. He was paid twenty billion dollars by Evelyn de Rothschild to undertake this farcical job, according to Robert David Steel's Blog. The Russian Collusion meme serves to mask the real foreign policy agenda: The creation of Greater Israel through whatever means/including WWIII - starting, most likely, in the middle East. The Neocons run the Trump administration. The US Empire's FOREIGN POLICY NEVER CHANGES, no matter what party wins the election.

    Watch "Trump's Jerusalem Controversy - Does All of Jerusalem Belong to Israel?" on YouTube
    Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem will escale discontent among the Arab nations, if it lead to a hot war, it'll be exactly what the NWO wants...

    CNN = CANAAN with Sevan Bomar, on YouTube

    Watch "Slaves Fighting Slaves For The Slave Owners - David Icke, on Dot Connector Videocast" on YouTube

    Watch "The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks" on YouTube

    Watch "Linda Moulton Howe - Earth Is An Alien Laboratory, AI & Disclosure" on YouTube

    Back to the beginning of my story /blog : top page / and bottom page Both ends will illuminate the entire picture.

    RE: AI vs ET vs Demons...

    Elon Musk and his recent statements on YouTube:

  • "Without AI electronic hook-ups/implants, humans will be no more than house cats compared with emerging technologies…"

  • "With AI we’re summoning the demons

    True, or not? RE: Demons -They've been around for billions of years, just like AI... Many inhabitants of Earth decode these frequencies.

    Here are some important connections to show that with A PRIORI calculations, prominent mathematicians/physicists/philosophers/ throughout history, clued into this AI construct, running, controlling humanity since the inception/creation of Earth. In effect, these scientists knew that we are living in a simulated, artificial reality...

    Hieronymus Bosch, a 15th century Dutch painter, took Ergot - a strong reality altering drug; he obviously wanted to look at the world from the perspective of 'bacterial/viral infestations' in humans that he had encountered, and also imagined/remote viewed. In short, he perceived other worlds, grids, and frequencies, and he shared it with society at large.

    AI= Archontic Off-Planet Infection - Virus – neurological/and ideological. RE: Archontic parasites - L-Doppa - Toxoplasmosis See, Collin Wilson, “Mind Parasites”

    The Neurotropic Parasite Toxoplasma Gondii Increases Dopamine Metabolism
    (Emese Prandovszky, Elizabeth Gaskell, Heather Martin, J. P. Dubey, Joanne P. Webster, Glenn A. McConkey)

    The Enochian Communications System of the Pythagorean Order of Death

    The Enochian Alphabet - Language of the Angels - Vincent Bridges & Dan Winter part 7 of 8

    Alchemy Physics vs Dee/Shakespeare's Fusion Geometry of ONEness

    Watch "Are We Living In a Simulated Reality? Tom Campbell & Bruce Lipton" on YouTube

    Watch "The Time-Matrix and the 7 Layer Holographic Universal Simulation" on YouTube (Aug Tellez)

    Also, what you need to know about D-Wave computers:
    Watch "Night Of The PALANTIR Crystal Ball w/Anthony Patch (KBS Ep#722)" on YouTube

    The Truth About Gravity & Other Scientific Myths
    Anthony Patch is a researcher and writer in the area of physics, especially Quantum Physics; his talks on KBS are worth following, if you're not bothered by his "Born Again" Christian slant.
    The above discussion is mostly about - Tesla vs Einstein - Free Energy vs the Atom Bomb and the Profits of the Military Industrial Complex and their Endless Wars.

    RE: War, Pestilence, and Bloody Sacrifice - Yahweh’s promise ... In my view, the real Christ was Nikola Tesla, rather than the fictional Babylonian Christ. Tesla gave humanity everything including Free Energy, and they killed him. - The real crucifixion followed when the Deep State denied Tesla any credit in history for what he invented. They completely suppressed his science, even though his inventions are in plain view, - used by everybody - and every day!

    Nikola Tesla: Exposing The Death, Theft & Cover Up - 2017 Update - Nikola Tesla's Death

    Speaking of stolen technology:

    Watch "Trillion Dollar Rip-Off: Social Networking is a Stolen Trade Secret" on YouTube

    THIS IS A BIG ONE. MANY OBVIOUSLY KNEW ABOUT THIS LONG AGO. THE PUBLIC AT LARGE DID NOT KNOW. The 'Pirates of Silicon Valley' saga continues. Who are Facebook and Google?


    RE: the Van Allen Belts still hamper humanity's deep space travel due to lethal radiation. Unless additional/alternate technologies, such as, Stargates, and Teleportation technology at large, are implemented, the Earth is still under quarantine. - Under the Dome... - and - On a Flat Earth?

    Many actually consider NASA's Space exploration to be a big hoax - an opioid for the people/sheeple...

    Watch "Catherine Austin Fitts – We Need Our $40 Trillion In Stolen Cash Back" on YouTube RE: Secret Space Program.

    Watch "Legendary Scientist Blows Lid Off Suppressed Teleportation Devices" on YouTube (Otis Carr & Ralph Ring)
    This too is very telling: "But Ralph, We're not here to find solutions! We're just supposed to look for them."

    Watch "Flat Earth is a Self-Sustaining Battery" on YouTube
    .. as Tesla knew too.

    Watch "Finally, Michael Tellinger's Frequency/Resonance disclosure" on YouTube

    So what's coming?

    Watch "Directed Energy Weapons Over California with Elana Freeland" on YouTube

    GEOENGINEERING: A Clear & Present Danger To Humanity w/Dane Wigington

    Dr. Farrell's Blog brings to attention NASA's intention of affecting changes in the Yellowstone Park's volcano, which according to NASA might cause danger to the entire Globe, especially, the US, in the near future. The question is, what presents a greater danger - the volcano, or NASA's Geoengineering?

    Watch -Rothschild - Soros - McCain Connection to the REAL #Russiagate Scandal
    On the political side of extreme manipulation: NWO oligarchs are buying out small countries like Montenegro - to manipulate Global balance of power, weakening Russian/Chinese Eurasian influence - to add the former Yugoslavian republic to NATO. The only thing that keeps this from being finalized so far is Sen. Rand Paul's objection in the US Senate. One single objection! Wow, many thanks to Sen. Rand Paul. US citizens concerned should call their representative in the Senate.

    Unluckily, it just cost Sen. Rand Paul - 5 broken ribs and a punctured lung. He was assaulted by his next door neighbor. - Deep State keeps track of opposition!

    This latest Benjamin Fulford report is even more explosive:

    Watch "Is Trump too scared to name Bush Sr & P2 Masons as Kennedy assassins Benjamin Fulford Oct 30th 2017" on YouTube

    Watch "Donna Brazile's Bombshell! Jared Kushner Mysterious Last Min Trip" on YouTube
    Donna Brazile's information matches most of what was revealed by WikiLeaks one year ago: Bernie Sanders' nomination was stolen, and there was no Russian hack. Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, downloaded info onto an external hard drive and delivered it to WikiLeaks' Gavin McFadden. Seth Rich was thereafter "mysteriously" murdered in D.C. Then, Gavin McFadden suddenly died of a "fast acting lung cancer". Earlier Michael Ratner, Julian Assange's long time attorney also died of some fast acting cancer... MANY HEARTFELT THANKS TO ALL THREE MEN!

    Donna Brazile dedicated her book to Seth Rich, BUT SHE FAILED TO CONNECT THE DOTS. In her recent interviews with Mainstream Media, she backtracked on all. She obviously wants her former job back...

    More of the ongoing NASA Agenda 2025

    Here is the latest: RE: High levels of radiation: extremely-high-radiation-source-remains-mystery

    RE: Climate Change Fraud & Agenda 21 EXPOSED w/Dr Eric Karlstrom

    Here are some larger causes of Global Climate Change! Along with the changes in the Sun, whose core is heating up dangerously.
    And they want to tax people for genociding them!? I suppose, "to cover their cost of the $10 Million/each that they allocate to this human culling"! LOL? Or not so much, right?

    "Bioethics and Eugenics: The Ugly Truth" on Corbett Report Extras

    It looks like they never stopped conducting Dr. Mengele's Nazi/Concentration Camps' experiments on the population since WWII...

    What's in the chemtrails composition /mixture:
    Aluminum Oxide Particles Arsenic Bacilli and Molds Barium Salts Barium Titanates Cadmium Calcium Chromium Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells Ethylene Dibromide Enterobacter Cloacal Enterobacteriaceae Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA) Lead Mercury Methyl Aluminum Mold Spores Mycoplasma Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass Nitrogen Trifluoride Known as CHAFF) Nickel Polymer Fibers Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Pseudomonas Florescens Radioactive Cesium Radio Active Thorium Selenium Serratia Marcscens Sharp Titanium Shards Silver Streptomyces Stronthium Sub-Micron Particles(Containing Live Biological Matter) Unidentified Bacteria Uranium Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins. (Chemtrail composition, see Clif High's website - - secure site/subscribers)

    Watch "Leuren Moret on Wireless Weapons Used on People" on YouTube

    This was a PowerPoint presentation by Dennis Bushnell, chief NASA scientist (July 2001); document pulled. Doc Title: “The Bots, Borgs, and Humans Welcome you to 2025.” (China also welcomes you to their US in 2025. Not LOL...)

    Watch "ROBERT DAVID STEELE INTERVIEWS KERRY CASSIDY RE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM" on YouTube KERRY CASSIDY's comprehensive summary presents 20+ years of research and interviews with whistleblowers - scientists/ex-NASA engineers, ex-intelligence agents, writers, Montauk Project former employees, and others. - Very informative!


    Watch "DARPA developing “genetic dDARPA developing “genetic doomsday” weapon to exterminate populations" on YouTube

    RE: RT's Keiser Report, Episode #1159

    In Episode #1159, Max and Stacy discuss democracy – not dying in darkness, but stolen in broad daylight and auctioned off to the most powerful bidder. And, as Jeff Bezos passes the $100 billion net worth landmark, some parts of America see the return of hookworm – a disease of extreme poverty."


    This was a PowerPoint presentation by Dennis Bushnell, chief NASA scientist (July 2001); document pulled. Doc Title: “The Bots, Borgs, and Humans Welcome you to 2025.” (China also welcomes you to their US in 2025. Not LOL...)

    Dear Max & Stacy,

    Your recent Episode #1159, was amazing in so many ways. First, it ties into the currently under way NASA Agenda 2025; see, the above image and link, and it specifically shows to those who may still have some illusions that Black Lives don't Matter to the NWO, as much as they'd have us believe. Neglecting infrastructure to the point where they'd subject the Alabama tax payers to toxins from raw sewage is really the last straw. So while philanthropists like Bill Gates/& Foundation/ are vaccinating -(?sterilizing/or genociding?)- black populations of Africa as fast as they can, the US black citizenry of poor neighborhoods are left to drown in their own toxins. A lot of 'Loosh feeding' under way these days, maggots having a field-day.

    That 30 cities, so far, have handed over keys to their City Halls to Mr. Amazon.Com is not surprising in the least. Jeff Bezos has demonstrated that, unlike many out there, he knows what to do with money, and how to disburse it in the most efficient way. The apparatchiks working in civic politics are clueless. Amazon.Com will greatly gentrify these downtowns, create parks, etc. But then other corporations could do that too... See, Watch, “Jeff Bezos Exposed”, on YouTube
    Here's another: "Amazon Whistleblower Exposes Company's Heinous Practices", InfoWars

    Was Mr. Bezos given all this tax payers' money, to save a portion of it as

  • (1) Pre-payment for Mars, on the board of his Blue Origins propulsion-powered rockets.
    Maybe these city politicians know something about the NWO plans for Earth that the rest of us don't? (RE: Elisium/the movie/ - remember the Bot police force, herding the poor on the ruined Terra?) So this might be their insurance policy!

  • (2) Similarly, maybe, due to Amazon's contracts with the CIA, which likely gets the lion share of these profits, these Cities/and their City Halls might be paying 'protection' money. At the tax payers' expense...
  • [Speaking of profits and "Only the profits matter" - says the ruler of worlds/ the supposed creator/architect/ in "Jupiter Ascending", a movie by the Wachowskis, which disappeared from theaters 2-3 weeks after release... It was apparently too informative though misleading in many ways. See it. It’ll broaden your perspective, LOL.]

    Watch "Genetic Harvesting of the HUMAN RACE is PRIMARY GOAL" with Linda Moulton Howe onYouTube

    Watch "Smaller Negative Plasma Entities" on YouTube

    on Red Ice Radio "John Lash - White Genocide & The Archontic Infection/Neurological Virus/Eldoppa"

  • HUMAN FETAL REMAINS USED AS FOOD & BEVERAGE ADDITIVES [SEE: SENOMYX - MAKING US CANNIBAL'S ONE BITE AT A TIME] Plus, abortion clinics, stem cell bio-techs, chimera cloning experiments, DNA harvesting - all these hugely horrendous happenings require a big chapter - (Babylon - Atlantis, anyone? Stuck in a loop, right? Cycles and Trends, right? Round and round we go...)

    Watch "Sperm Counts, AI, And The Transgender Explosion Are All Connected - Videocast" on YouTube

  • Genocide through clandestine sterilizations of populations - in diverse geopolitical locations - by race, blood composition, or IQ, as deliberate Government policies; mostly through vaccines and Pharma approved experimental contraception methods, GMO and pesticides, among others.
    The Kalergi doctrine advocates for genociding white Europeans through African and Middle Eastern refugee invasions to speed up changing the face of Europe. There is something in the European genome that the controllers are afraid of... ("It takes one to know one" - These controllers ARE all of European stock. They don't want any opposition/and competition, plain and simple. And that's why they demonize all by calling them "sheeple, cattle, property" - standard Edward Bernays propaganda/ hasbara... "Just repeat, and repeat"...)

    "The 10th Crusade, the death of Europe; Migrant crisis by Karl Max"

    Who Is REALLY Behind the EU Migrant Crisis? - Newsbud Roundtable

    Let's start here: Ancient Babylon and the Talmudic Bible:


    Also see:
    EL SATURN ✡ Occult ✡ Cube, Star God Rhamiphan, Remphan

    Star David Rempham Remphan Remdan Ramadan tent Moloch

    Wars/pestilence, pedophilia/slavery/ritual murder, MK-ULTRA forms through religion, education and upbringing, and feticide by abortions - from Europe to Africa, Middle East and Asia, the list is endless. Populations thrown into the eternally burning TOPHET on the altar of the infernal legion of Babylon ... (That's a huge, unpleasant and convoluted chapter in human history.)

    Watch "The SOLAR SYSTEM is a construct of KABBALAH" on YouTube

    Watch "1666 Redemption Through Sin" on YouTube

    Watch "Why the Talmud cannot be investigated or mentioned" on YouTube"

    Is this a ruse or centuries old policy? You decide how fiercely indoctrinated the Jewish people are... It's all very hard to wrap one's head around; psychopathic tendencies required. It's the ILL in the Illuminati... It's a full-blown paranoid psychosis...the Y-chromosome, through thousands of years of generations of the sons of Talmudic Rabbis?

    Watch "Letter to the Editor – A Note on “Jewishness” and Zionism Benjamin Fulford Blog" on YouTube

    Watch "Historian: IBM And Hitler Created The First Technocracy" on YouTube

    Meet Edward Bernays, Master of Propaganda - on Corbett Report

    The Rothschild Cartel behind the Rise of Hitler, Funding of Communism and World War. Interview with Dr. Antony C Sutton

    Watch "Hitler, Stalin, Mao, the Rothschilds & British Royal Family Connections" on YouTube

    Watch "Who is really behind all the nonstop terrorism?" on YouTube
    (“Vipers of Venice”/Venetian Black Nobility, their bankers, their Jesuit mafia enforcers and Vatican assassins.)

    Watch "Sabbateanism, Dönmeh & Currency Control" on YouTube


    RT - Russian Media Network, operating in many languages Internationally; their truthful, accurate, and well documented news and features are the most viewed channel on YouTube! - You might say, that RT are a real fist in the ugly face of Neocon Mainstream Media... Though, always keep in mind that -the controlling faction invests in both sides! No missing out on Profits!

    As a result such popularity, the US just forced RT to register as a Foreign Agent. Russia is in the process of reciprocating against US Media in Russia. And they are already being demonized by US organizations like Amnesty International, for clamping down on freedom of the press in Russia, without pointing out that the US just did it to Russia!

    Between RT, YouTube's Alt Media presenters, InfoWars, and PressTV - Iranian news online, one gets to cross-reference quite a lot of important news. So 'Mainstream Media had really met its Maker'. Their Colored Revolutions just faded into gray at least in North America!

    In Iran, the US Empire/Cabal is just starting to incite a Maidan, Soros style color revolution so that they can take Iran over and install Rothschild Central Bank and steal all their resources like they did in the Ukraine. Iran will not take this hands-down...

    Are the Iran protests a CIA/Mossad Color Revolution?

    Iran Protests...CIA Fingerprints?

    Also, the effort behind the destruction of NET NEUTRALITY is huge. Oppose it if you can...

    So, what about this "Jealous God /HAL" mythos? What does it translate to here & now? A very complex story, that...


    Watch "The Vatican Created Islam To Take Jerusalem, Kill True Christians and Jews" on YouTube

    But first, Babylon created Christianity:

    Jesus: King of Edessa | The TRUE origins of JESUS, Part Two with Ralph Ellis Josephus Flavius, a Jewish historian propagandist scribe in AD 1st century, Rome, who became a Roman general, was a good fiction writer and marketing specialist - but not much of a historian. The Holy Bible had since been edited and revised countless times by medieval then Modern scholars, in the employ of the Vatican.

    Historically, the controllers/rulers apparently are and always had been - Jesuits, Freemasons, and Nazi Zionists - a legion of Ancient Babylon's Banking Mafia, Vatican's Jesuit military faction of Sabbateans, Satanic, Talmudic - Alpha Draconians that had been colonizing Earth since Predeluvian times...

    Benjamin Fulford calls them Khazarian Mafia ( Watch, "Khazarian Mafia - Hidden History" on YouTube), and David Icke calls them Rothschild Zionists

    For most others they are simply Central Bankers, AIPAC "Gentlemen, We Are In The Game..", The City of London, and the Vatican. In short, Mr. Global...NWO

    What matters more, though, is HOW TO BREAK FREE:

    Every human being born on Earth is an indentured slave to the Central Bank! If a country resists, they are invaded and harvested - economically, then killed in large numbers:

    Panterra explains the workings of this. Watch their Presentation:
    "The Real Matrix Hidden in Plain Sight - Babylonian Debt Magick System & How to Break Free" on YouTube

    See,, and http://panterrapca.or.

    Watch "Controlled Collapse: Rothschild Just Sold Massive Amounts of U.S. Assets" on YouTube (and the rats are leaving the sinking ship…)

    Watch "Is Trump too scared to name Bush Sr & P2 Masons as Kennedy assassins Benjamin Fulford Oct 30th 2017" on YouTube

    RE: A year-old puppet show: The outward infighting among the intelligence communities, Neocon DNC, GOP, Mainstream Media - MSNBC, CNN vs Infowars/Alex Jones & assorted Alt Media, regarding the Trump administration, serve to improve the NWO Media ratings, while preparing the US and EU NATO countries for a war with - Russia, Iran, China, North Korea - in any order that will serve them best. The Petro Dollar is finished and everybody who has resources/goods to sell/ trades in their own currencies, bitcoin, or gold.

    Keiser Report: #Russiagate (E1150)
    Max Blumenthal interview Part 1, re: American Mainstream Media

    The President had clearly outsourced the US Foreign Policy to the Military Industrial Complex to conduct whatever interventions, bombings, and wars necessary to keep the US economy afloat a little longer, to secure the Deep State's Middle Eastern goals - their pipeline through Syria and the future Greater Israel and Arabia expansion... Will it go as planned?

    The Potus is working with the NEOCONS, as always. All decisions come to him from the CFR and the Central Bankers/FED, similarly Pentagon receives their orders from the same source. The military faction of the CIA runs all of it.

    "The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups.” Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World in Our Time (Macmillan Company, 1966,) Professor Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University.

    If the President acts erratically to unsuspecting public, it surely is part of his job to create public chaos and outrage, while, behind the scenes the US foreign policy goals are getting implemented without anyone realizing what's happening!

    PROJECT CAMELOT: ILLUMINATI DECLARE WAR & PLANET X 2016 - KAMERAN INTERVIEW TWO [In this interview - with Kerry Cassidy/on Project Camelot/ with Kameran Fally, banker, physicist, religious scholar and political advisor to top levels of the British and Iraqi governments - Kameran Fally reveals that the Shadow Government/Deep State/Illuminati elite controllers ARE NOT ALL ON THE SAME PAGE. Broken Pact, in effect, is playing out: One side are with Russia, the other side are anti-Russia. Each side promises that there will be the proverbial hell to pay.

    The BRICS (= Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), especially China, Russia, plus Iran and many of the Asian leading elites seem to be all united, but THEY ARE NOT. Neither is the US/NATO faction. A lot of major policy shifts are taking place. For instance, EU is suddenly against the latest round of US Russian Sanctions. During the Obama years the EU were supportive of the first round of US Russian Sanctions, even though they were losing billions in trade even then. These sanctions have always been more against the EU and their successful trade with Russia, than against Russia per-se. This is just one example here, but then there is Brexit, and that is largely unresolved right now. Allegiances are shifting and more "hell is being paid"...

    Turkey and Qatar are changing allegiances. Qatar now trades in currencies other than the dollar and are being demonized by the Saudis. A Saudi regime change-over is all about solidifying Israeli/IS policies and war-blueprint. A war against Iran may erupt shortly. In the UN, US blames Iran for an Iranian made, Yemeni missile that recently landed in Saudi Arabia. - A convenient False Flag to start a war with Iran! Now they're all in the Game that Mossad is routing for...

    "The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government/Its Silent Coup" on YouTube

    Watch "David Icke - The Club Of Rome" on YouTube
    [It's mostly about the “climate change/CO2” propaganda, hence more $$ through taxation of citizenry going to the top 1%] Climate change is taking place but it’s because the Sun’s core is heating up. It’s unknown what possible changes may result. Possibly cataclysmic.

    Watch "TRUMP IS THE SWAMP / Trump's Jewish Elite MAFIA & The 5 Dancing Israelis" on YouTube

    Watch "Europe Is Killing Itself" on YouTube

    NWO Historical Background/& GEOPOLITICAL IMPLICATIONS CONTINUES on p: 2, PlanetaryGrid

    Let's go back to the Gnostic - Coptic comprehension of SOREM: deviation/mistake/error:

    We live in the age of KALI YUGA - the entire age is the age of distortion, disinformation, propaganda - from the Holy Bible script through to science, including physics, astronomy, geography, human history, biogenetics (e.g., the Darwinian mythos!), and geopolitics.

    There is a deliberate effort to maintain control through manipulation in order to maintain mass ignorance. The only honest script out there is the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Whether it was compiled by Adam Weishaupt, as minutes of the first Illuminati meeting in Bavaria, 1776, or whether it's just a piece of "Anti-Semitic propaganda", it's really irrelevant in the end. What matters is that: Here is THE MATRIX /Archon instruction manual for the ELite: Protocols summary
    The World Order – How It Works How to dupe the masses - the cattle - property. These instructions are crystal clear and concise. This is how to disempower / ELiminate these pesky masses...


    There has been a conscious opposition since the Gnostics wrote about it in their codices.
    See: Lydia of Damascus story on

    Wicked Deception" “That evening in autumn 341 AD, the members of the Antioch cell — we called ourselves telestai, "those who are aimed"— were engrossed in a conversation about Kali Yuga, the last phase of the great cosmic cycle measured by the Zodiac. We spoke in Greek, using the term kairos poneiros for Kali Yuga. Poneiros means wicked or deceitful, with the implication of phoniness. We looked ahead to a time when deception would triumph because human faculties came to be stupefied, and lies overruled any sense of reality - A time when people would be incapable of discerning truth from falsity, unable, for example, to tell plastic from pearl.

    … we discussed a future age when every sacred idea would be violated or ridiculed. In the time of poneiros, it would not merely be difficult to tell the authentic from the fake: it would be impossible. We understood that a moment would come, some 16 centuries in the future, when the human race would plunge into desperate confusion, having lost all sense of the sustaining and animating power of the Sacred."
    (Read more:'sVow.php)



    There is more - Once we start decoding multiplicity of frequencies we might start seeing other grids/realities, instead of just falling back to this current timeline - STUCK IN A LOOP... Quantum entanglement, the horror of that... Cognitive dissonance...Asleep for ever... What do we react to/ or not react to in this world? And how do we react - That is the question.

    When we're trying to remove the 3D FREQUENCY FENCE, how can we speed up this process? Acupuncture, meditation, diet, exercise... all that is useful but not sufficient!

    There is much more. - Everyone for themselves? Or, - FIND YOUR LEGION where you belong, - YOUR HOME, - YOUR GALACTIC FAMILY.. That's the fastest way to go. It’s the hardest thing to find. And it does have the happiest outcome.

    Breaking the Inverse Soul Programming Codes- Avoiding the Lords of Harvest

    Sum Simulator Sun Simulator, The Sky is a LIQUID CRYSTAL MATRIX, False-Reality Exposed, Aug Tellez on YouTube

    Way Beyond The Matrix - Sevan Bomar

    "The Original Caretakers of Earth and the Vampire AI Invasion Second", Aug Tellez on YouTube

    Aug Tellez is one of those YouTube presenters who operates in a number of different/higher frequencies. His seeing and analysis are beyond most people's understanding. He sees grids like M. C. Escher sees levels of reality in his lithographs. The two black & white lithographs below Relativity and Modibus, exemplify the Many World's/and Frequencies Grids.

    "Transcended Being, Biological Perception and Non-Duality", Aug Tellez on YouTube

    Both, Sevan Bomar and Aug Tellez understand how to access the Non-Duality field. Most of the Earth population is not there yet... Being able to access the Non-Duality field, doesn't mean that one is capable of - dwelling in the frequency.


    “Stars are "protons", the magnetic nucleus of their local solar system "atom". Planets are "electrons" on this same scale. Move up an octave to the galactic "atom" and the galaxy core ("black" WHOLE) becomes the magnetic nucleus while entire solar systems become electrons. As above, so below. The SCALE is infinite in both directions... OCTAVE equivalency.... LIGHT... electroMagnetic Frequency and Vibration... Resonance."
    See: Earth's Processional Cross (The Galactic CROSS)

    See some geopolitically relevant YouTube memes and videos/through links below. From economics to politics to physics to alchemy to magic:

    This is where we begin! - Closed system vs. Open system - in physics and finance, and who is winning:

    For instance: There is a direct correlation between debtors and deforesters; in other words, poor nations pay their debt in natural resources, precious minerals, and products of their toil to World Bank and IMF for worthless legal tender.

    from Joseph P. Farrell: Babylon's Banksters

    Time Travel: An Approximate Mathematical Solution - Richard Lighthouse #FQXiVideoContest2014

    Here is Dan Winter's best: His Fractal university series:

    What is Phase Conjugate Mirror? / and Phase Conjugate Pump Wave?

    - It's fractal world - torsion - propulsion - zero energy - time-jumping - time travel - pyramidal technology - rejuvenation - vector, chevron...back and forth, in a nutshell?


    Excerpts, above and below are from Joseph P. Farrell's Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men, p 167.

    Also, see: Dan Winter's work: and

    What you need to know

    "The Temples were the technology" - as good as, 'ancient weapons of mass destruction/distraction, weapons of mass manipulation/confusion, weapons of mass surveillance' In short, human history and DNA evolvement - MANIPULATED...
    "Approximate chronology - Cosmic War = 3.2 million years ago; Megalithic Temples/Builders activities = 10,000 - 12,000 years ago."

    ..."Interference of only two waves of different frequency were needed to produce beat frequencies in the brain that would produce requisite physiological states - e.g. out of body experiences, altered states like hallucinations, revelation-like/biblical experiences", etc. (see p.90, Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men, Joseph P. Farrell)

    Watch - Geopolitical/Astronomical issues - 26,000 yr cycle - Giza -the astronomical clock
    The Giza pyramid is an astrological clock. It may also be a Death Star. See Dr. Farrell's information in YouTube blogs listed below.

    Joseph P Farrell The Giant Planetary Grid of Mass Destruction

    Also, check out Richard Hoagland's on Norway Spiral, part 1, 2, 3 regarding weather wars/using Tesla's long suppressed technology.

    What To Look At Geopolitically

    Dr. John Dee, Sir Francis Bacon and the Macrobes

    THE SPACE FENCE & FULL PLANETARY LOCKDOWN 2017! on Dark Journalist with Elana Freeland

    Watch "The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, F. William Engdahl" on YouTube

    Douglas Dietrich, Weaponized Flu, Cultural Genocide, Scalar Weapons, Weather Wars, Military Secrets

    Watch "THE DEEP STATE & DEEP UNDERGROUND BASES -- Sofia Smallstorm" on YouTube

    Watch "The Venetian Conspiracy by Webster Tarpley" on YouTube
    Paulo Sarpi's method: "Divide and Conquer" - From Venice to Amsterdam, to London, to British court, Sir Walsingham and Dr. Dee, secretaries and spymasters to Elizabeth I, foundations for MI6... See, Shadowplay: The Hidden Beliefs and Coded Politics of William Shakespeare", by Clare Asquil. Shakespeare warns against false flag operations.

    "Jesuit's origin in Babylon/ Satanic Knights Templar for one world govt, with Leuren Moret"

    The Vipers of Venice, old and new...

    Watch "Michael Tsarion : The Black Lodge" on YouTube

    Transhumanism is here, and in full swing...

    WOW! Ex-HAARP INSIDER Connects CERN, HAARP, Fracking, Wind Turbines & Space Fence

    Giving Your Power Away to Psychopaths... Video Podcast - David Icke

    "Egyptian & Hebrew Hyksos Bloodlines-Origins Of Blue Blood Britain-Queen's Throne & Jacob's Stone" on YouTube

    "The Truth About The Sith", Z. Breedlove Ewing, 'Montauk/MK-Ultra-remote viewer' former agent

    Breakaway Civilization, Black Budgets, and Secret NASA Space programs
    DARK JOURNALIST: UFOs And The Breakaway Security State: Black Budget & ET Politics - Joseph Farrell

    "Undeniable Proof Emerges That JP Morgan Sank The Titanic To Form Federal Reserve" on YouTube

    Cartel behind the Rise of Hitler, Funding of Communism and World War. Interview with Dr. Antony C Sutton

    Anonymous - SKULL AND BONES documentary
    - Explains Dr. Sutton's work. Apparent is a secret agenda to manipulate world population and create centralized control and world government. From the narrative of the Old Testament’s YHWH -> Adam Weishaupt -> Karl Marx -> Wilhelm Wundt -> NWO transhumanism and genocide. ...Algorithmic precision there - according to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, by Adam Weishaupt.
    Their basic premise: Homo sapiens, sapiens is just an animal/cattle/chattel. - "Fetch, beg, lie down and play dead...” - Condition them to respond to "Carrot and Stick" reality. If they disobey, then there will be "penalties, sanctions, wars and pestilence and bloody sacrifice". If they obey, they'll be hugely rewarded. SKULL AND BONES influences most economic, political, and foreign policies, as well as issues of science and research.

    Also, see The British Empire Wants You To Be Stupid !!! - very revealing...
    "March 26, 1994 historian & author Anton Chaitkin speaking in Long Beach California. Starting from a shooting massacre in Hebron during a religious service, Chaitkin describes the various means by which the British Empire since the Venetian takeover in the 18th Century has used to control and brainwash people. In Southwest Asia, extremists of Muslim, & Jewish faiths have a British origin. Also, organized crime, its defenders in the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith and the subsequent creation of Hollywood & Las Vegas, newspaper cartels such as the Hollinger Corporation, Geopolitics, crackpot movements like Theosophy, Satanism, Astrology, the belief in the End Times & Revelation, the installation of Hitler as dictator through the bankers Montague Norman and Hjalmar Schacht and the brainwashing of Hitler through British cult movements like the Thule Society."

    From Joseph P. Farrell's Babylon's Banksters

    THE DEEP STATE - 50 Year Old Recording Explains| ORDER OUT OF CHAOS

    "Revocation of Banking Systems", by Andrew Bartzis

    Watch "JFK - The Speech That Killed Him" on YouTube

    "F. William Engdahl on The Lost Hegemon" on YouTube

    Is The Deep State Slowly Eliminating Russian Diplomats? - Episode 1210b - X22Report

    RT CrossTalk: White Helmets, Really?
    Globalists' "Wag the Dog" Middle Eastern organization in charge of propaganda operations,
    funded by many EU and US gov agencies, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize! - Also, among those who received this year's Oscars. They were involved in the latest False Flag/Chemical attack in Syria, Apr 2017.

    Watch "George Soros And The Canadian Agenda Exposed" on YouTube

    Pizzagate, The Context - The David Icke Videocast Trailer

    "The City of London’s ReColonization of America"

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