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TONIFICATION / STIMULATION is an acupuncture technique devised to stimulate, boost, elevate, or enhance Qi (level of energy) to cure a deficient / weakened, chronic or acute condition.

A practitioner attempts to boost the energy of the body by tonifying/stimulating a point, or several points on one, or a number of channels, all of which will best benefit the deficient condition (e.g. infection, systemic chronic problem, weakened immunodeficiency of some sort).

Tonification/Stimulation consists of inserting a needle, obtaining Qi, and NOT further manipulating the needle while it's in the point after insertion. A straight insertion without manipulation insures that a point receives a boost of energy rather than a reduction of energy.

The acupuncture treatment featured in the image above shows points on the abdomen CV- Conception Vessel/Channel, and KI - Kidney/Water Channel points that get stimulated rather than sedated. - That means that acu-needles are inserted without being manipulated. The points on the arms and hands, LI-4 and LI-4, on the Large Intestine/Metal Channel, however, get just as often stimulated as tonified. The needles can be inserted and twirled in place - in both directions. - Some texts suggest a specific mode of manipulation.

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