Visoko 1830, The Tunnels

"Father... let's not keep much distance between us here. The place is dark and these lanterns don't help much. Where are the guides or these guardians that were supposed to lead us?"

"We'll be meeting them at a higher elevation, I think maybe in an hour or so."

"The sound of trickling water, somewhere behind these walls, is a bit spooky, isn't it? I must be claustrophobic, or else the energy here makes me jumpy."

"Vortex vibration is like that. It pulls at us, making us feel like we're in two different locations simultaneously. Don't be afraid, Child. It'll be alright."

"I am afraid, Father. Afraid that you're gonna leave me. That you really have no intention of taking up residence with your friend in Dubrovnik. After what Ms. Molten Wah was saying regarding Pumu Punkhu. Then us connecting up with people from a different time, there is so much unreality to what's taking place. What's happening is totally out the ordinary."

"I will never leave you, Child. Remember, wherever we are, we'll never be apart. Here, take my hand. Let's see what wonderful things we may encounter on the way up. The guardians shall put us at ease, once we see them in the distance."

"It's eucalyptus again! Do you smell it, Father? In this location, it's unusual, right?"

"We're not yet in the tunnels proper, the way to the top. Right now the smell of trees and damp vegetation is nothing out of the ordinary."

"What was that? Is somebody calling us? I hear them calling. Is that Italian?"

"So we reached the plateau. It's the guardians. They'll take care of us now."

"Will I understand them? Do they speak German?"

"Yes. Fluently."

"There are three of them. Big fellows from what I can see."

"Professore, you made it! And with your daughter, as well..."

"Child, these are brothers Fulani, Tony, Carlo, i Pietro."

"Gentlemen, this is my Godchild, Theresa Leopoldine. Please look after her. It's her first time here.

"Signorina, delighted to meet you, we all are.

- Let us keep climbing. Still long ways off till we reach our destination."

* * *

Past the plateau, entering the tunnels

"Before I forget, Child, I asked one of the women guests if she remembered Rodger Boscovich. She said no, never head of. Then I asked a man there the same question. That was another 'no'. I asked him about that day's price of gold. And he told me to doodle it or oogle it, or something unexpected like that!"

"They have an information portal. It's centralized and they access it instantly, and share it like the long coded lines they were telling others about to check into. You should have told him to oogle Boscovich."

"You really paid attention to what was said. Your explanation makes sense. If we were truly in their world, we could have placed our questions into their information portal and found out what happened to Boscovich's Bosnian gold."

"Father, it was apparent that their technological advances are one thing, but the suppression of information that is inconvenient to their ruling class is another. That portal of theirs obviously deletes all that they really need to know at this time. It's like the Jesuit military order took over the world. They did, didn't they?"

"That means that the criminal banking establishment is fully in charge across all lands. Predictably! Some things never change..."

"There is more. I asked a man who was saying to his friend that it was just a couple of giant corporations that absorbed everything. That all the countries of the world worked on their behalf, and all governments of the world worked for them as well. These two mega-corporations owned everything and everybody. I asked what were their names. He told me but it didn't mean anything to me. I expected to hear Bardi and Peruzzi, the old medieval Venetian mega-companies. They were working on capturing everybody's services, paying everybody with gold. Hence, the professor's gold he eventually donated to Bosnia."

"How right you are, dearest! It must be so; remember their philosophy? Simple, yet effective: "The money values that reflected the stake or share that a partner held in the company, entitled each owner to a share of profit or loss prorated to the percentage of this contribution to total company capital. "Shareholder, partner, stakeholder - it's the same."

"Amazing memory, Father. And of course, you are right. To have captured the entire world, the beginnings of these two reigning corporations had to go back to at least as far back as medieval times, and maybe even earlier. The names changed, but the stakeholders remained."

"All the way back to ancient Babylon, most likely."

"Father, what if Count Aug's information is more than a simulation hypothesis, but a reality that's been well hidden..."

"That would prove Boscovich's math and physics on many counts. Then their total suppression of science is their worst problem...
It's not time wars, it's frequency wars that they are up against. And they truly are not in charge of their world, and this planet."

"And no way out, is there, Father. We've seen them instigate and execute the French Revolution, complete with head chopping. And they did all that with frequencies and poisoning of their water wells. They controlled the mob that stormed the Bastille, created the Jacobin faction too."

"But maybe, what if maybe, one observant natural philosopher-physicist put his mind to it, he could do it. He could take the whole world with him in one fell swoop. Moving the whole of human race to another frequency and another dimension. When you read my papers and my annotations on the professor's papers, check pp: 263-311."

"We discussed this already. So that might work only in a simulation, not otherwise. Still, it would be risky... And, this man would really have to understand 'the perniciousness of their political and social grid', and the peril it poses to the human race. Apparently, they are facing extermination."

“Right, and you might even be precognitive in some ways... like you’re reading a script from an ancient manual that you've never actually read..."

”I probably did read it in your library, Father... Actually, I just remembered - it was in H. C.'s letter referring to their "vaccine science", in Captain Halfdan's words. The Captain believes, that they want to delete the human race and turn most to slave robots and the rest to slave ape-like brutes. He claims it's his purpose here at this time to prevent this from happening.“

"Even though he's 200 years too early to effect any changes."

"Actually, Father, he thinks he can send H. C. Anderson to year 2022, to prevent a real catastrophe. I hope H. C. survives the time shift, or "teleportation".

"That sounds difficult and risky. Professor Boscovich knew humanity was in trouble. He once speculated that 'this feral legion' might be harvesting, then liquidating, countless worlds, thus turning Planets into uninhabitable wastelands, devoid of oxygen, water, or living organisms."

"Captain Halfdan also mentioned to H. C. that there is a chance that a far greater, highly technologically advanced Star or Planet may be draining the energy and resources of our entire Galaxy, and controlling the Galaxy's frequency with a 'space-fence' that he called, if I remember correctly, a Dyson Sphere.

-H. C. then thought that this 'Dyson Sphere' might be what the Secret Societies referred to as The 8th Sphere, - Ahriman's, Remphan's, or Moloch's sphere - likely to be the same entity - the continually burning Tophet for human sacrifice, that is."

"And you took up the tent of Moloch, and the star of the god Remphan, the images which you made to worship; and I will remove you beyond Babylon."

"Where did you get that, Father!? How extraordinary!"

"That's in The New Testament, Book of Acts 7:43. Now that you have all the Professor's papers and books together with my German annotations, read those carefully, Child, this quote is there, well elaborated on. I'd say H. C.'s Captain Halfdan is on to something!

- Speaking of the Professor's books, here is another thing, the problem of translations, especially scientific works.
Who could really translate the professor's work from Italian or French, unless another capable mathematician or physicist, like Descartes, a native French speaker.. If it's a translator artist, he'll be supplementing his take into the scientist's work without even realizing it. Boscovich's work should have been written in English..."

"Yes, Father, you're right on that. But another possibility, in the future, let's imagine a group of scientists, many, Italian and French speakers working for some highly experimental scientific institution or mega-company, and some of them figure it out...

Father! What was that? Did you hear that?"

"Don't be alarmed, Child, it's just an owl somewhere on the surface, and our guides are -two in front of us, and one behind us- so we are being looked after."

"I'm not talking about the owl, Father, I'm talking about the mechanical vibrating sound. It's stirring draft around us, don't you feel it?"

"Ahh, that.. yes, we might be getting closer to the Gate."

"Father, don't leave me! Please. You're the only parent I've ever known. And a dear, dear friend."

"Take my hand, dearest, and repeat after me, 'we are a family and we'll never be apart'. Death can't touch a love like that. No parting sorrows, then."

"So you're leaving me, Father! Perhaps you and the Professor calculated the time and place when you should be here, in this whirlwind of mechanical swooshing sounds.. Father, have you considered if it's safe to go in? I don't want you to get hurt or destroyed..."

"It'll be alright. My dearest girl, the joy of my life. I kiss your forehead, kiss mine. Let us hug, then I must go. This very minute, the sound is getting loud. Goodbye, till we meet again, Child, my love!"

"Professore, it's time..."

"Signorina, please step aside. A few feet behind to keep you safe."

"Don't go, Father, don't go.."

"Carlo, Pietro, come quick, Signorina has fainted!"

* * *

Next, Visoko - As they say: Epilogue is a Prologue.

With Chapter 31, vol II, we come full circle. Here ends Part I, vol II.
- A Will to Power - A Fugue for Five Voices, by G. B. Pohoral, continues with Part II, vol II.


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