Chapter 5, p. 11, Vol. I, A Will to Power - A Fugue for Five Voices, by gbpohoral

Chapter 6, p. 12, Vol. I, A Will to Power - A Fugue for Five Voices, by gbpohoral

"Was all my writing prior to HERE & NOW, just some notes for my -present and future-self?"

In 1986, when she finished Vol I, there was no Wikipedia (2001), or Google (1998), no Internet/WWW (1991/fully implemented), not even your very basic Win 2.1/Win-286 (1988); that was long before Win 3.1 (1992), or Win 95 (1995), and Netscape (1994), or HTML (1995). There was just her magician's hat, and her "rabbit"/ the phase conjugate wave/mirror.

She wrote her fiction on an IBM Electric, whose ribbon printed too dark when new, and too faint when almost finished. The typewriter sounded like a submachine gun and kept her neighbors up since she wrote 11pm - 5am for 6 weeks until she finished the story. She loved the sound of that typewriter; she wished she could have those sound effects once again - on any of her laptops...

So how did she pull Roger Boscovich out of her magician's hat when research was just one's own initiative of going through tons of books, or sheer luck? She had then a dictionary of Philosophy, where you can find Newton, Leibniz, and Einstein... But there is NO Nikola Tesla, Roger Boscovich, or even Michael Faraday! It's a piece of crap = common core-like academic propaganda - that "dictionary of philosophy", 1973, University of Reading...St Martin's Press New York.

Fortunately, science fiction comes to rescue: She was hugely into anything/everything that Stanislaw Lem wrote. There she discovered Roger Boscovich. Thank you so much, dear Stanislaw Lem, wherever you are.

And the rest is history, or not. Not - because she had no clue that by creating Radu Derza, a Serb, little Terina's/Theresa Leopoldine's/ tutor, and Roger Boscovich, as Derza's professor and advisor, that there would be the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids, and a 220 meter high Pyramid of the Sun, with underground tunnels still partly blocked off - by probably the same bunch that PAYS FOR SUCH "dictionaries of philosophy" as is the 1973 Revised Second Edition, ... University of Reading, St Martin's Press New York.

And now she "unearthed" Dr. Osmanagich and professor Hapgood, and suddenly Roger Boscovich, establishes a foundation prior to his death in 1787, for the villagers in Visoko, Bosnia, to guard the secrets of the Pyramids - in her dream! What are the chances!
Well, Vol II, was just getting started. So there would likely be more mysteries...

* * *

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