The highly prevalent parasite Toxoplasma gondii manipulates its host's behavior. In infected rodents, the behavioral changes increase the likelihood that the parasite will be transmitted back to its definitive cat host, an essential step in completion of the parasite's life cycle. The mechanism(s) responsible for behavioral changes in the host is unknown but two lines of published evidence suggest that the parasite alters neurotransmitter signal transduction: the disruption of the parasite-induced behavioral changes with medications used to treat psychiatric disease (specifically dopamine antagonists) and identification of a tyrosine hydroxylase encoded in the parasite genome. In this study, infection of mammalian dopaminergic cells with T. gondii enhanced the levels of K+-induced release of dopamine several-fold, with a direct correlation between the number of infected cells and the quantity of dopamine released. Immunostaining brain sections of infected mice with dopamine antibody showed intense staining of encysted parasites. Based on these analyses, T. gondii orchestrates a significant increase in dopamine metabolism in neural cells. Tyrosine hydroxylase, the rate-limiting enzyme for dopamine synthesis, was also found in intracellular tissue cysts in brain tissue with antibodies specific for the parasite-encoded tyrosine hydroxylase. These observations provide a mechanism for parasite-induced behavioral changes. The observed effects on dopamine metabolism could also be relevant in interpreting reports of psychobehavioral changes in toxoplasmosis-infected humans."

Hamburg, 1829

"Kinder, dear friends, I promised Hans that I would share all that he taught me before he left with both of his Oxford friends. Frederick seems lost or frightened enough not to want to have anything to do with the Oxford situation. But we now have a new young friend to make us a lucky trio, new guardians of this valuable information. Welcome, Theresa Leopoldine!"

"Dear Frau Anderson, I feel so blessed and privileged to be here with you and Karl, benefiting from your deep knowledge of ancient antediluvian history. Where did you study, Ingolstadt?"

"No, m' dear, I have no formal education, other than grade school, as most women of my class and era do. However, I have managed to read all of Hans's textbooks, cover-to-cover, as he brought them back home when he was finished with them, year after year. I feel lucky to have read those books. The city library too is a great resource."

"Oh, Frau Anderson, you're truly an enlightened being. Hans was lucky to have such an accomplished mother."

"Thank you Karl. I feel safe and happy in your company. And Hans too is glad for me to have you two.

"Frau Anderson, you and Hans then seem to communicate across distance; you hear each other's thoughts, would you say?"

"Yes, Theresa Leopoldine, we have been, ever since he was a little boy. It's a blessing. One day, I'll tell you more. Now, though, let us get on with the narrative, which I promised to share in detail."

"Can't wait, both of us, right, Stauber?!"

"Now then, how did it come about that Earth was captured, or imprisoned in this impenetrable net?
Imagine, two mighty cosmic forces, far larger than comets' tails, plasma-electrical in substance, the size of which nobody can conceive... Picture them streaking through the cosmos. Perhaps they originated in the center of the Galaxy. As they streak through the layers of the Pleromic Heaven, one of these Telestial Aeons, called "Sophia" perceives Earth below, and becomes instantly enamoured with the beauty of it.
Upon which, Sophia, one of these binary Telestials, swoops down to take a closer look at this beautiful realm, and slams right into it - into physical matter!

The impact of this collision, instantly generates these inorganic beings, this anomous species, "anomalous", deviating from natural, or lawful. This species is called: Archons, for being there from the very beginning of the existence of Earth. Sophia becomes, Gaia - Earth, as a result of its fall into physical matter. It's like the biblical fall, except on an astronomical, galactic level.

"How, extraordinary, Frau Anderson! This story has many facets. The one I know comes from Ovid's Metamorphoses, where Persephone, the teenage Goddess of Earth, stops to admire a beautiful, and sweet smelling Narcissus, not realizing that this beautiful flower is Hades, in disguise, who immediately abducts her and takes her into the land of the dead."

"How, fitting, Theresa Leopoldine, so this information has always been out there, in so many different forms... Thank you, for your version, which I didn't know.

"These Archons, and their Demiurge, demented god, in what part of the Solar system did they reside or congregate?"

"I'm glad you ask, Karl. In the third Pleromic layer, where the Orion belt can be found. Stars like Orion, Sirius and Pleiades must surely play a part in this cosmic mega-drama!"

"This Coptic word SOREM, 'error', 'deviation', and "the generation of error", has many scientific implications - mathematically, astronomically, biologically- speaking, this involves all the sciences and the arts. If APATON, RUSE and DECEPTION rule the Earth, then all that the people of this Earth have learned over the centuries, is for the most part FALSE!"

"Of course, dear Theresa Leopoldine, all that follows. You are absolutely right. And we might as well start with the Holy Bible, and close second, though, second to none - astronomy!"

"Ladies, to add an important factor, although they deceive, thus in a way INVERT the TRUTH, they cannot propagate outside its host! They cannot independently penetrate the biosphere: They cannot fight their war. They need a proxy to do it for them! Hence, if we, as a species, Homo Sapiens, became aware of our enslavement all at once, we could instantly, NEGATE their power over us for ever more. Could we not?

"A great point, Stauber, the snag though is that human beings ARE NOT all at the same level of evolvement. What do you think, Frau Anderson?"

"Yes, that's the tragedy of the human race, its intellectual, and racial diversity.

If variety is a spice of life. It's a bitter spice!"

* * *

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