Oxford, 1819

"Professor, may I have a minute?
Let me read to you from your Manual, your Protocols. This has really been bothering me.

Speaking of periodicals, and press in general, you say that 'you shall impose on it, as on all printed matter, and charge per sheet and deposits of caution-money, and publications of less than 30 sheets will pay double. You will designate them as pamphlets, in order that this measure may force writers into lengthy productions that will rarely be read, especially since these'll be costly...

Whereas, what you will apparently publish yourselves, will influence mental development in the direction laid down for your profit; these publications will be allowed to be short and be read voraciously...

Finally, you say that "should there be any writers desirous of writing against 'you', they will not find any publisher eager to print those productions.

- I used to think that you were on the side of enlightenment and progress. I ardently believed in you and your entire organization!"

"How did you get a hold of our Manual, our Protocols, as you rightly call them, dear Percy?"

"The whole of Oxford and Ingolstadt have read them. News travels fast, Professor."

"Of course, you realize that we shall declare these Protocols a forgery, designed to smear us, and those discussing them we'll declare to be dangerous anarchists..., dear, naive, infinitely gullible Percy...

You are poking the dragon! You've no idea how close you are to crossing the line! One more thing. Your "The Mask of Anarchy", is the last stunt you've pulled, if you know what's good for you... And so that you know, you will never see it published as long as you live!

Good day, Lulu!"

"Don't call me that! I'm not your Lulu!"

Dresden 1829

Then the 'Illuminist', laughed himself into a cough as he was already leaving... This written account that I have just shared with you, Countess, it's what dear Hans reported to me and Frederick; we all have copies of each of our three accounts. -

Hans was the first to have overheard this semi-public encounter between the poet and the Master Illuminist. He was sitting on the grass behind a tree, reading a book, at the back of a laboratories complex. He didn't expect to over-hear anything of this serious a matter...
He knew, however, what the conversation was about. Since the poet was right, the whole of Oxford and Ingolstadt had by then read the Illuminists' 'Protocols'."

"Oh, Stauber, I now see what a dangerous situation you find yourself in! I had no idea that this involved '-t-h-e- Professor', 'the Dragon-head' himself! So who is the friend that died?"

"It's dear Hans. And what he overheard wasn't even the worst of it, not by a long shot! Dear friend, Countess, I'm gripped by fear..."

"No, Stauber, get out of 'fear', that only makes things worse. Understand, these Illuminists are all Jesuits. And they believe that they have to tell us, "their property, their cattle", what it is that they will do to us, for their plot to succeed!"

"Oh, how did you know that, Countess?!"

"Radu, and professor Boshkovic knew all about this. Remember, both were graduates of Jesuit schools. Professor Boshkovic was an ordained Jesuit priest, who although not trusted by them, was nevertheless tolerated, because they needed his math, working their 'double-ledger' accounts, in their Venetian Mega-companies. For that, they had given him access to the basement of the Vatican library!

"Himmel, Herr Gott, 'tis most amazing! The three of us concluded something similar to what you're saying; they obviously wanted the public to know. To spread fear... And we made it doubly serious because we decided to take turns, guarding the spot under Hans' customary tree, to make sure we didn't miss anything!. We obviously played into the Illuminist's hands!"

"That you did, dear Stauber."

"Dear Theresa Leopoldine, what did he mean by calling the poet -Lulu-?
You are laughing hard, dear friend. So tell me something I too can laugh about right now cause I sure don't feel like laughing."

"Well, imagine; these maniacs are totally indoctrinated in the belief that they 'created the human race' from monkeys... splicing their Gods' genetic materials with materials from certain genus of monkey. These 'Gods' had supposedly given the Earth to their own 12 tribes to rule the world... The Biblical account of the Sumerian kings, Babylon, and Egypt, thus apparently justifies the Hebrews to rule; hence, of referring to other races, as their 'Lulus, Cattle, and Property'.
However, it seems it's the Europeans that are the real target of such scorn. Though, the Biblical Palestinians were not Europeans but Semitic, Arab tribes. They were the ones at hand to be - "created - re-created - or otherwise tampered with."

"You mean chimera-zed? Well, that's sinister alright. They obviously disregarded all of the Vedic literature that preceded the Sumerians. Also, there were Homo Sapiens on Earth long before the Sumerians. The Vikings were living side by side with the Cavemen, didn't they know that?"

"Their Holy Bible does not support that, so they don't want us to believe any other literature. Either, we buy their story, or else, we're 'dangerous anarchists', as the 'Professor' warned..."

"I suppose, many are forgetting that it was the Vatican that commissioned the Holy Bible, and the scribes obliged. Josephus, was the one who crafted the Genesis, and the Old Testament. He wrote it according to Vatican's specifications."

"Yes, and for that he had been made a Roman general. So you too had found out about this, Stauber!"

"Yes, and Juvenal, the Roman satirist, tells us that the Syrian river Orantes, suddenly started flowing into the Roman, that is, Italian river, Tiber, indicating in a round-about way that the Romans were for the most part of Babylonian Hebrew stock, descendants of Roman slaves, freed upon their masters demise... Did you know this, Countess?

"Yes, Stauber, the whole of Europe knows this sad story. Everyone knows who their masters are. They also know that these "Romans" eventually captured the English throne, and the rest is history..."

"So, now what, Countess. What do we do, Frederick and I?"

"Where is dear Frederick? When was the last time you've heard from him, Stauber?"

"I haven't at all. In fact, I don't even know whether he's even alive... I'm exceedingly worried about him. What would you do, Countess?"

"Do nothing, dear Stauber. Let's keep a low profile for now. Let me think the whole thing over.
One last thing, how did your friend, dear Hans die?"

Another long story, Countess. His mother wrote to me a few weeks ago and asked me to come to Hamburg and indicated that Hans had disappeared a month ago. She informed her daughter and her son-in-law about Hans's disappearance, but didn't disclose what Hans shared with her prior to his leaving. She added that there was some printed matter that she wanted me to look at...

"Oh dear, what are you waiting for!? You should have already been there, finding out the entire story...

"Theresa Leopoldine, my friend, I'm afraid to go! What if it's a trap? Not on his mother's part but theirs and their secret cabal's? I have got to leave now. A student awaits. Next time, I'll tell you more."

I'll come along, Stauber, I'll keep you company. It'll be faster and safer, as a travelling pair. We'll hire a fast six-horse, postal courier. What do you say, my friend?

"Would you really? Would you come along?

"Of course! It's settled then. Call on me at the residence in a couple of days; I'll inquire regarding all arrangements in the meantime. Till then, keep safe, Stauber!"

* * *

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