Visoko 1830, the Arrival

"Father... so few places along the way, where are we staying?"

"We're just about there. You'll like it here; a busy establishment, many travellers."

"Pane Benda, it's the three story, sandy colored Italian villa coming up...
Will you kindly let us out there? We'll leave the luggage in your capable hands all the way to the lobby.
We reserved a room for you too, Pane Benda. You couldn't get out of these parts in pitch dark which it's about to be."

"Yes, Professor Derza, much obliged."

"What a lovely place, Father! And it smells of eucalyptus. Aren't you surprised to see such a place in this region?

"No, dear, this entire region is full of surprises."

"Did professor Boscovich ever stay here? The place has been here for a while?"

"Yes, and I stayed here before as well, twice. The professor introduced me to this entire region."

"Looks like this trip has suddenly gained a new and exciting dimension. I'm so glad we came, Father..."

* * *

The Dining Hall

"We reserved a table for you two, Professor. Later, you may join all in the Club, used for social gatherings. - A meeting place for all currently registered guests."

"Thank you, Sir. We are ravenous after a long journey."

"Did you see, Father, how busy the Club is at this hour, this Monday night? Unusual, isn't it?."

"Tonight is a special night. Many guests are still arriving.
Before we forget and get swept into socializing, here are the keys to all, the house, file cabinet, and the library door and desk keys. Frau Zoehmer keeps the pantry and all supplies. She'll be the only resident and caretaker of the property. Maybe your friend Karl Stauber could help you move it all to the Summer Residence, couldn't he?"

"I've been thinking of that too. The books will be a tall order. All those crates..."

"Before you leave here, Child, take as many jugs of water that the stage coach will bear. It's the best water in the world. Healing properties, a rare mineral content..."

"This wine is exquisite, a Chablis from this region, won't you try? And the cold platter too was a great choice, Father."

Light supper, that. It might leave room for some 'push-push-coffee' and socializing with friends. Are you ready for that, dearest?"

"Yes, Father, let us go and quickly refresh ourselves and our wardrobe."

* * *

The Club

"The young Countess of Wurtenstein!"

"Do I know you, Sir?."

"I'm sorry; you don't know me, Countess. I recognized you from your portrait.
I'm August Telomír.

"And where did you see my portrait, Mr. Telomír? And glad to meet you too, Sir."

"At your Grandfather's Estate, at The Summer Residence, Countess. A great likeness, although you were almost just a child."

"The Count's Estate, you mean.. I have not been there for a few years. The place wasn't the same without him, without the Count. What are you doing in these parts, Mr. Telomír, if I may ask?"

"I'm here to meet the others arriving here shortly. And I'm hoping to finish my thesis in this highly electrically charged place before I leave.
Here, I'll give you a sample copy of my excerpts. All guests are getting one of these, Countess. I'm testing people's reaction."

"Thank you, Mr. Telomír."

"Count Telomír, for the record, Countess."

a sample of excerpts
by Count August Telomír


During an operation I was pulled into a nest of these.

The fallen use the ghost image of a 3D-4D shell, broken archetypes and memory implants as a nest of automated programs to insert themselves into the neo-cortex of the vulnerable human that still relies on the unprotected biological functions to transmit their consciousness-code throughout the layers of simulated reality system.

That code, when biologically transmitted without protection from either a realm-section or faction “demi-god” or advanced methods of spiritual stabilization, then that signal (consciousness ether-link, DNA) is vulnerable to decryption and modulation (hybridization, co-opting) by these synthetic signal pirates, parasitic lower interdimensional organisms. We literally battle them on the microcosmic level, the same as “immune cells” battle pathogens.


"We've been talking about these and related topics; coming to us from different times and places, weren't we, Father? One from Captain Halfdan's disclosures to H. C., and the other from his Aramaic speaking friend from his time at Oxford and Ingolstadt."

"May I stop off at your table later, to discuss this further after we meet everybody here, dear Count?"

"Please, do, Countess."

* * *

"Professor Derza!"

"Dr. Madhatter, so glad to find you here!
Shall we have a stiff draft to celebrate?"

"And here is Linda Molten Wah, with her famous angora kitty, and her legendary leather jacket, ready for an expedition."

"I don't know the lady. Won't you introduce us, Dr. Madhatter?"

"Linda, Professor Derza here, would like to meet you... Are you ready for tomorrow's expedition?"

"Yes, Joseph. I'll be collecting soil samples along the way and looking for odd artifacts.
Pleasure, Professor Derza."

"And your particular interest in this Pyramid of the Sun, Ms. Molten Wah?"

"It's the tunnels and the Gate, Professor Derza. If we're so fortunate to spot it, or discover it... I understand it literally pops in and out of reality."

"How did you know this was the nature of this Pyramid's Gate, Ms Molten Wah?"

"Experience, Professor Derza, with a number of megalitic stuctures and their 'Gates'. Take the one at Pumu Punkhu..."

"Oh, you have seen it, Ms. Molten Wah!? I'm Theresa Leopoldine, travelling with Professor Derza, my Father."

"This is my Godchild, young Countess of Wurtenstýn, Ms. Molten Wah.
And have you indeed seen it!? The Pumu Punkhu Gate?"

"Yes, Professor and Countess, I had. Though the Gate never opened then."

"A friend of ours is sailing with a very experienced Captain, Ms. Molten Wah, whose knowledge of Pumu Punkhu is first hand. The Gate apparently periodically opens."

"Joseph, won't you join the group and bring these friends and your trusted canine, here, along?"

"Shortly, Elana, we're getting a stiff draft first, aren't we, Professor Derza?

"So these friends over there just arrived, Father? They just kind of materialized there of a sudden.

"Kind of did, didn't they, Countess."

"How right you are, Ms. Molten Wah. Shows you're widely travelled, haha.."

"I'll go over to meet the others, Father. It's an oddly intriguing group, 'a dress-up party' for both a sunny and a rainy day."

* * *

The Others

"Hey everybody... -A n d- it's official, PayPal is stealing funds from Independent Media, starting with the top tier, like Ryan, here.
Restricting access to accounts, and holding funds, amounts to destroying livelihoods. They'll eventually get to everybody if we allow it!"

"Hey Jason. Good to see you here. You know that PayPal partnered up with ADL to stop "disinformation and dangerous white supremacist terrorists..?"

"Looks like they're gonna do a systematic clean-up, from the top tier to even the humor category on YouTube. What's required is not just a plan B, but C, and D, as well."

"And now just to change the narrative from "Covid" to "Climate Change", they flooded central Europe, probably too, for not wanting to take their boop boop, ... as you call it. But then, they're flooding everybody anyway, even China. 'He who controls the weather, controls the world. Check it out:

"Mudfloods, anyone? RESET agenda, end of times narrative, complete with Phoenician parasites? According to Aug, it's A MANUFACTURED HYPERSPATIAL WEAPONRY, TO KEEP HUMANS AS A FOOD SOURCE."

"That's deep, dude... Martin, right?
Concretely, however, they just took out the President of Haiti for speaking against the vaccination mandate, apparently. A second president of a developing country assassinated for resisting their medical martial law, so far!"

"Tanzania, right? Their President was sending samples of goat DNA, papaya, and petroleum to his country's labs, and they were all coming back as Covid positive. He knew their Covid testing was a scam."

"Joseph, please remind us how they did his heart attack, or was it a stroke?"

"Well, they claim it was a "heart ailment".
However, if they used technology "to speed up his heart ailment", then this is how they did it:
'All that is needed is to entrain a wave onto a target brain in the desired frequency of a normal electro-encephalogram and this process can be used to inflict memory loss, hallucinations, like the biblical variety; and even inflict heart attacks from a distance, and leave no readily apparent evidence that this has been done.'"

"Remember, Vitaly Cherkin, the Russian ambassador to the UN? It was a heart attack that killed him. My guess is that's how they did it.

  • Global Government Gangstalking Genocide GESTAPO (G5) aka Psychotronic Torture, Masonic Blood Sacrifice-Satanic Ritual Abuse, Neurowarfare & Unconventional Warfare Against Civilians ",, check it out."
    "Thanks, Joseph, that was encyclopedic. How about your dear friend, Jim Marrs, that was a heart attack that killed him too!
    BTW, how is the beer here?"

    "I quoted my own writing.. As to my dear friend, Jim, I often wondered about that... The beer is nothing short of amazing. The water's so pure."

    "And Peter Gariaev, his pulmonary embolism? The same technology employed?"

    "Probably more than that involved there. It was a 'brain edema', actually. Pathogenically primed in some ways, through a personal lab contact."

    "Aug!? Doesn't that contradict your thesis' conclusion that they can't interfere with a fully awakened human?

    "A good point! Definitely a conundrum for his thesis' argument. I don't think he heard you. His table is too far away."

    "Actually, that proves his point that "attracting attention by broadcasting their views, focused these cosmic pirates' attention on them. Unprotected communication, he calls it."

    "Too many people are being taken out who don't go along. So I don't know about that..."

    "They've just named their "Disinformation Dozen". What do you think of that? What does that mean for them? What if deplatforming these individuals, and restricting their websites with all their thousands of followers is not enough for them? James, what say you?"

    "This is not a game. There are many overlapping agendas that are playing out in this scamdemic, but ... one agenda item for the globalists is the elimination of the online alternative media outlets that have been opposing their efforts for decades now.

    ... Censorship is not the answer. Exactly the opposite. Censorship is the hallmark of tyrants. So when you see these "Disinformation Dozen" lists come out of nowhere from shadowy groups and get bandied about as a basis for deplatforming people online, you should know exactly what kind of enemy you're up against."
    "Meet The REAL Disinformation Dozen", is my latest article on my website. It's my WANTED for crimes against humanity list. Check it out.

    "Anything goes in this majorly weird Age of Aquarius! This 4th Reich, fascist rule, a merger of state and corporate power..."

    "That's Stakeholder Capitalism for you....Did you see their "Right to Vote Without Restrictions/ meaning without Identification" a signed declaration by hundreds of corporations. We-stand-for-democracy-read-the-statement-from-top-companies-and-executives-opposing-voting-restrictions."

    "Yeah, -destroy nation states and cultures! Create a melting pot of corporate slaves without a country or rights to bodily integrity! And make them work for a minimum or below minimum wage!-"

    "Now what if the 50% of us, this silent half keeps turning down their mandatory vaccination? What do you think, James?"

    "We'll know soon enough. The people of France are coming out in hundreds of thousands, lining up the streets of French cities, protesting their president's mandate. That's taking place in all EU countries right now. But not a peep from Mainstream on that. Crickets..."

    "What can they do to them, really?

    "As we have just seen, the floods in the cities of central Europe, and wild fires in southern Europe, that's probably just a start."

    "What if they start implementing their threat of detonating rebellious cities sky high as they promised in their Protocols? Then they'll bring out their "King of Kings" to install on the throne of the world, and present him as an alien, for big effect, a real sophisticated Operation Blue Beam. Von Braun suggested 'an alien invasion' as a convenient false flag/hoax if things were not going their way."

    "False Flag Alien Invasion coming up, anyone up for it yet? I just watched "The Alien Agenda Just Jumped the Shark by Truthstream Media, on youtube: "".

    "No more fear porn, folks. I can't take any more... I personally would be happy to find this Pyramid's Gate and disappear into another timeline."

    "Some might, Ms Molten Wah. Except for us here, right, Jason?"

    "Damn right, Ryan, we have work to do..."

    "The question is! How do we survive this? Concretely? We'll have to start learning how to transmute poisons!. But the odds are not good.
    Considering the stated NASA Agenda 2025, and what all they're putting in their Micro-Dust Weaponry, their aerosolized particulates, in their weekly chemtrails. Then there are the GMOs. So what we have is a totally poisoned food supply! And water supply as well. Then half the population is fully vaccinated, spreading pathogenic priming mRNA technology to the other half, since the vaccines are shedding. This lipid coated spiked NANO-AL protein is replicating uncontrollably inside the bodies of the vaccinated. And how the shedding might affect the unvaccinated, nobody knows at this point. But just to make sure that the unvaccinated don't miss out on it, they included this spiked NANO-AL protein in the Micro-dust. I finally concluded. They even tell you about it in their NASA Agenda 2025."

    "That about sums it up. A Big Thanks for that, Ms. Freemond, is it?"

    "I've been talking about their NASA Agenda 2025, in my blogs on Rokfin for a while. It's a Power Point presentation, going back to 2001. Dennis Bushnell, the author of it, is still there, preaching the virtues of their RESET transhumanist eugenics.
    Let me read a few power points so you all get the idea...

    They talk of Typical Scenarios, like poisoning food and water supply, and sabotaging infrastructure among others. They specifically itemize all things they will poison, destroy or adversely modify.

    Typical Scenario:

  • "Takedown of the U.S. by 10 People and <$10 M"
  • Binary Bio: via Imported Vitamins, Clothing, Food Supply, Water Supply
  • Physical: Selective Anti-Personnel
    (Will they be placing their own people to sabotage everything, including):
  • Railways, and 'Towers'
    (Does that mean buildings, or Airport Towers and their Traffic Controllers? Probably both!)
  • Water Supply Contamination via Intercontinental UAV's
    Accompanied by SERIOUS PSYWAR
    (That means, they'll be consistently lying about everything and constantly contradicting their previous pronouncements. Fauci-style.)

    Fingerprintless Archipelago:
    (This cluster-fucking bag of evil, is all that is unseen, undetectable; technically, a bio-war against the entire population of Earth. Though the country that's getting hit directly right now as they are in the test phase, is us/the US. Well, the whole of North America as well. They itemize each category):

  • Bacteriological - Fatal to disabling
  • Viruses, Prions - Short to long time
  • Parasites, Fungi - Anti-Flora/Fauna
  • Carcinogens - direct & undetectable
  • Toxins - Genomic
  • Hormones/Regulators
    (- Sterilizing hormonal regulators)

    And the worst part:
    Effects of Low Power Microwaves:
    (- The hundreds of satellites that Elon Musk is putting into Earth Orbit on behalf of NASA,
    their 5G-6G and more, will do exactly what they intend with this agenda!)

  • Behavioral Performance - disabling
  • Gross Alteration of Brain Function
  • Seizures
  • 30%-100% increases in brain blood flow
    (- Meaning, this alone, will cause hemorrhagic strokes! Even without the vaccines...)
  • Carcinogens - direct & undetectable
  • Toxins - Genomic
  • Hormones/Regulators
    (- Sterilizing hormonal regulators, e.g. estrogens, androgens, targeting testosterone levels/sperm counts, and female ability to conceive. The same gene-editing technology that they're putting in the vaccines)"

    "Thank you, Jason. That was an awesome summary. So Peter Gariaev was right when he was trying to tell the human population that through satellites in space 5G or more, and chemtrails' Micro-Dust Weaponry, they'll be able to implement their plandemic on a large scale, right?!"

    "Yes, Dr Peter Gariaev's research regarding "The waveform nature of the body", means that diseases, actually waveform glitches, can be broadcast through frequency to the population and do not have to be circulated biologically! His work had earned him a Nobel Prize Nomination. Unfortunately, this was a dangerous piece of research that he disclosed. A brain edema, rather than a pulmonary embolism, as stated earlier, ended his life. But he was apparently a healthy man... They must have literally detonated his brain, blasted him out of existence. Earlier, they broke into his lab and stole everything. Fortunately, he was able to reconstruct everything from his detailed writing. That's what & who we are dealing with!

    So to specify:

  • Real genes can dematerialize and be components of non-real electromagnetic fields.
  • As well as, genes can reappear as matter and acquire the state of electromagnetic field.
  • This means that both our genes and the virus genes can fluctuate in such a quantum way.
  • Hence the illusive and dangerous behavior of ‘SarsCov2, a dormant virus/bio-weapon, asymptomatic conditions, inconclusive tests, at once positive and negative."

    "Thanks for that Mr. David! I bet not many knew about 'The waveform nature of the body' and that diseases can be broadcast through frequency to the population without human to human interaction."

    "If I may interrupt, doesn't that rather resemble Aug's thesis. This part here:
    That code, when biologically transmitted without protection from either a realm-section or faction “demi-god” or advanced methods of spiritual stabilization, then that signal (consciousness ether-link, DNA) is vulnerable to decryption and modulation (hybridization, co-opting) by these synthetic signal pirates, parasitic lower interdimensional organisms. We literally battle them on the microcosmic level, the same as “immune cells” battle pathogens.
    The code function when biologically transmitted, without being encrypted, will be subject to co-opting, and hybridization, just as the unprotected gene. And the computer program, like the human, is best protected when in its procedural phase, its encrypting activity. The encrypting function medically speaking is alternative medicine. - Homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal therapy, physiotherapy, etc. - Whatever is your proven method to keep well. That's your encryption. Keep at it - a doze of prevention is everything. It's your method of stabilization. Plus, a rigorous workout will fortify your wellness. That's the physical side of things. The metaphysical side of encryption is this: How did Scheherazade manage not to get her head chopped off? Her never ending beguiling stories kept her alive. How did Orpheus in the Underground manage to outwit the monster? He just continued playing beautiful music disregarding what was happening around him. Does that make sense?"

    "Well, that's why they need all those satellites in Earth Orbit. To push against our ways of healing ourselves. They want everybody sick and separated. Though their lockdowns mostly target businesses and commerce. 5 billion dollars worth of population's assets erased pretty much over night!"

    "If you really want to know what this scamdemic is all about, check out this article in the Guardian, going back to March 2016:
    Genetically engineered 'Magneto' protein remotely controls brain and behaviour
    It's a new method that uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly.
    Optogenetics has drawbacks, it's invasive. Chemogenetics is noninvasive/clandestine/remote/, their new technique overcomes its initial lack of speed. ‘Magnetogenetics’ is important to their neuroscientific research. That's why Graphene Oxide plays such an important role in the production of the vaccines, and face masks. Graphene Oxide is the greatest conductor of electricity and of heat. The quickest way to connect up the whole of human race to the Smart Grid. Nerve cell proteins which are activated by heat & mechanical pressure can be genetically engineered so ..they become sensitive to radio waves and magnetic fields! Attaching them to an iron-storing protein called ferritin, or to inorganic paramagnetic particles is the answer!

    So here 5G or higher microwave frequencies, their satellites in Space, heat up the atmosphere, and people's brains, then the Micro-Dust aerosolized particulates are loaded with these ferritin Nano-particles - lipid coated, and spike protein-fortified to accomplish their goal - to access the brain blood barrier and start inquiring into and manipulating human action, motivation, and reward impulses - Corpus Striatum in the brain enables this. They are specifically targeting reward impulses - to increase Dopamine levels in all who are Gov/State compliant in action and narrative. Those not compliant will not have this 'happy drug' activated in their brain. So they have perfected the Pavlov experiment effect remotely." Remember, the WEF tells us: You'll have nothing, and you'll be happy"

    "Thank you, Joseph, that was comprehensive. So all these companies involved in this scam, will all be the New Pharma on the block', producing drugs, and making billions!
    'BTW, was there a silent takeover of the ‘5 Eyes’ (UK, US, Canada, Australia, NZ) by the 6TH EYE – the One inside the pyramid on the One Dollar Bill??

    "I'll answer that. Let me present my teammate's excellent investigative series. See:

    Please people check out these companies here:
    a) BlackRock, Asset Management Co./Shadowbank. BlackRock has now replaced Goldman Sachs in the White House. b) Blackstone, purchased provides DNA information of 4.7 trillion users to Google/Mossad/Military, etc.
    c) BlackCube BlackCube Strategy Ltd, a private intelligence agency based in London-Tel Aviv-Madrid. Its employees include former members of Israeli intelligence units. Furthermore, d) PALANTIR - D-Wave computing surveillance, Peter Tiel.. e) CARBYNE911 - contact tracing perfected, to round up citizens wherever they are. And don't forget UNIT 8200! - "Charming Kittens", all of them ... haha


    "... Promis’ backdoor and adoption by intelligence agencies all over the world essentially provided the Mossad with access to troves of blackmail that the CIA and FBI had acquired on their friends and foes for over half a century." Whitney tells us. - Promis/or Prism, plus the Solar Winds hack, and Pegasus. Through this backdoor/trap door secret function, the programming companies have access to the client's information without the client's knowledge. It's been around for a while. So, basically, they've been hacking everybody."

    "Didn't it all start in the nineties, with Inslaw's theft of their 'Promis' software? Danny Casolaro was writing his investigative report, regarding Inslaw software theft, when he was suicided in his hotel room, his wrists cut?"

    "Yes, is doing their own series on that connection, complete with a screenplay. It's called Octopus.

    "Thanks, Ryan. SO HOW DID WE GET HERE, Whitney?"

    "I address that in detail in my upcoming book, ONE NATION UNDER BLACKMAIL."

    "I would have called it, All NATIONS UNDER BLACKMAIL, or the entire Planet under blackmail!"

    "I recently interviewed Secretary Fitts. It's a free podcast, posted on Rokfin. She explained that 'The Crime Syndicate' that controls the Globe, wanted to deal with a sovereign country, that's why they chose Israel."

    "Of course! This Mafia Crime Syndicate, would cling to their own people, rather than to the subverted, bankrupted US proxy! In fact, the whole world is their subverted, bankrupted proxy. Elementary, right!?

    "Did anybody see Joey B. kneeling before the Israeli President?"

    "Hehehe, they'll cover it up, and say he tripped and fell, easy to claim, right?"

    "He should have kissed his ring! To make it official, right!?"

    * * *

    "Time to go, Child. It'll be a long day, tomorrow."

    "This was amazing for me to hear. My head is spinning. The horrendous situation they are in!
    I asked somebody what the date was. He said: August 2, 2021!
    ... Father, how can that be?!"

    "This place has special electromagnetic properties, remember I mentioned it?"

    "I feel like I'm in a dream, Father!"

    "Actually, you've got it, dear! But it's THEM who were in a dream. As for us, we are here. For us, the place is real."

    "Count Aug, and Ms. Molten Wah, they were not part of the large group that suddenly showed up?"

    "Yes, that was different. Was it their lucid dream, an astro-travel remote viewing experience? Hard to know. They probably have special abilities, likely due to their life's experiences. Like Ms. Molten Wah, seeing the Gate, at Pumu Punkhu."

    "What about Dr. Madhatter? How did you meet him, Father? He clearly materialized with the large group..."

    "That's not his real name, dear. It's my endearment for him since he wears these fetching hats. I've seen him in a variety of those. That's how I remember seeing him in other places, at different times. Once I saw him at a church in Oxford, he was playing the harpsichord. I can't even remember the year. What puzzles me is how he remembers me..."

    "That's clearly stunning, Father. It somehow points to an unreality of both, our existence, and his. Or else, there is an even stranger entanglement with time, a collusion of sorts."

    "That is why I copied the excerpts that Count Aug had given us. I wasn't sure that we would come out of there with the printed version he had given us..."

    "That was smart, Father. You continue to amaze me. 'Time wars, he said. Or was it 'a time war'? I folded the sheet of paper to fit into my pocket, but now I don't have it anymore. It's not there..."

    "Do you recall Boscovich's treatise concerning Space & Time, and Matter? 'He doesn't admit perfectly continuous extension of Matter - the latter he says consists of perfectly indivisible points, non-extended, set apart from one another by a certain interval, & connected together by certain forces that are at one time attractive & at another time repulsive, depending on their mutual distances'."

    "Yes, Father. And it's when one pictures it, it will astound. For those who understand it.."

    "There's a lot there to decode. 'Puncta', it's not really understood by anybody so far..."

    NEXT: Chapter-31-vol-II

    * * *

    07/11 - 08/2/2021

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