As I was saying, once I finished reading Dr. Sam Osmanagich's book Pyramids Around the World & Lost Pyramids of Bosnia - pyramids and suppressed technology, history, archeology, geographical, climatic and cartographic knowledge - all these huge topics have been on my mind.

And speaking of SUPPRESSED KNOWLEDGE & PYRAMIDS, here is my Prologue, and Chapter 1, Volume II of - A Will to Power, A Fugue for Five Voices:

'Visitors, you're only here a short time, mesmerized sleepwalkers in a pale moonlight..'

It was dark. The path was barely visible, yet clear and unobstructed. She was on her way up.

Ahead of her, several figures emerged, men in long khaki coats, brass buckles shining in the moonlight.

She hid behind a tree and observed the scene. Behind her, out of nowhere, appeared a young girl and beckoned her to come along.

Before them rose a small plateau; the men were sitting on logs, talking among themselves. Watching them from afar, their attire and everything about them seemed so antiquated. The khaki green and brass buckles on their coats seemed from somewhere long ago, all devoid of color.

“I’m here to see Dr. Osmanagich”, she told them. The men smiled in her direction. Strange, unusual faces, potato-shaped heads, yellowed complexions, yet they seemed familiar.

“He hasn’t been born yet”, they echoed in unison.

“Professor Hapgood, then.. Could I see him instead?”, she almost pleaded with them, already dismayed that her mission was lost.

They shook their heads.

A long pause..

“There is somebody out there that we can tell you about...”, a deep voice spoke out: “Professor Boscovich passed away only recently. He established our foundation, paid us in gold. Made sure our descendants would always guard and disseminate the knowledge here and keep it secret."

“We’re the Guardians of the Gate.”

“He left a message for those who ask.
He said to tell you that Mr. Nikola Tesla would be born a day’s journey to the west from here, some seventy years from our time ...

“The Gate is closed..”

* * *

It was at that point that she woke up. Oppressive feeling weighing on her chest, goosebumps all over. She took a deep breath...

"OK, I'm finally writing it. That dream was a cue... But what am I gonna write it on?" Her tiny 2GB HD Acer with Win 8.1; or her clunky, unfriendly-mousepad, old Lenovo with all the HD and RAM you could want, and Win 10, the ultimate spy-tool? Her HTC Android was out of the question, since she wrote all her fiction in HTML with copious image memes. It had to look good to her; otherwise she couldn't relate.

Nov 14, 2019
Dear Mr. FM,

From Visoko, Bosnia/Herzegovina to Belgrade, Serbia, it's 317.5 km, driving distance. My question is: Would your S-400 that Serbia might be purchasing, if all goes well, would this S-400's anti-missile protection shield - through its sheer range - which is apparently 380 km - would it cover surrounding areas such as parts of Bosnia? Or, will it be calculated to be border-specific, even for very small areas such is the whole of Serbia? What would your government recommend for the Bosnian government, if they too requested protection? Neither, Serbia nor Bosnia are NATO members.

Already, the US government is threatening economic sanctions against the Serbian government, if they decide to finalize the purchase of the S-400.

Many are concerned for the safety and preservation of this long hidden treasure that these Bosnian Pyramids are. All the archeologists and volunteers working on unearthing the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, and free up and unseal the underground tunnels leading to the pyramid, all those who have been working hard since 2005 in the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids - all are concerned that once again some overwhelming geopolitical force may destroy their efforts.

4,610 years ago, +/- 35-years, somebody used a lot effort, and hundreds of thousands of lbs of natural materials, to fill and cover up the underground tunnels leading to the pyramid.

- There are five (5) pyramids - Pyramid of the Sun (220 meters high), Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of the Dragon, Pyramid of Love, and Pyramid of the Earth.

No doubt your country's government knows all about this project, as do all western countries' governments. Only the hapless public knows nothing about it by way of a complete blackout in western Corporate Media, as well as in academia/at universities. Only the Alt Media researchers, cross-referencing all that comes out on YouTube, they know about the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids, and Dr. Sam Osmanagich's books and YouTube presentations.

Please see links below:

Pyramids Around the World & Lost Pyramids of Bosnia
by: Dr. Sam Osmanagich

An online, PDF version of this book is available for free by the author.

Bosnian Pyramids - Archaeologists Have Made A Discovery That Defies Explanation

* * *

Of course, the good Mr. FM, as she referred to him, would tell her that it was an internal matter for Bosnia to resolve.

In the end, Russia couldn't really help the Balkan countries unless given permission to do so... Call it a sad story/ or 'a carefully orchestrated dog & pony show', because when it came to Russia and China, neither were fully autonomous, since both were still partly taking their marching orders from the ruling faction that had a large percentage of interest in both, the Russian and Chinese Central Banks. (Online, in chatrooms, the consensus was that now it'll be China that will host the 'parasite'. Having bankrupted America, they moved their assets to the Chinese banks...) This ruling cartel, call them a legion, for they were many, they basically owned everything. (= Neo-feudalist/Mega-Monopolies) They owned the war machine, the Military Industrial Complex, and were equally invested on all sides, with major shares in all Multinational corporations. They owned the Mainstream Media as well as all Central Banks, except for 2-3, depending on who you ask/research. Apparently, only Syria and Iran, according to latest updates, owned their Central Banks outright, and that's why both were being targeted for destruction/regime change, among other more arcane reasons.

So what was her purpose since she knew all that?

It was to point out that there was an urgency in this matter of these long hidden Megalithic structures, in a country that was bombed and forcibly partitioned to bits because of what? Because it presented some sort of 'problem' to the ruling faction if it stayed unified and in one piece? That was the story of quite a few countries out there...

All the recently targeted governments in Latin America/South America and Middle East, targeted for regime-change, or already "regime-changed", they had one thing in common, they shared the curse of resource wealth. Afghanistan - huge amounts of precious minerals, including lithium, and poppy fields never-ending. Libya, Syria, Venezuela - oil, minerals, and fertile, non GMO'd soil. Bolivia, only just regime-changed through a blatant coup, right before Bolivia finalized a contract with either, a German or Chinese company to help them develop their Lithium-rich resource, the 2nd largest in the world. Then there was Ukraine in 2014, the US spent 5 billion dollars on that coup and removed their legitimate president. And that's how NATO managed to take another closer step toward the Russian border.

It was still the intention of the NWO, as Brzezinski wrote in “the Grand Chessboard” to fight their WWIII against Russia: "…the new world order under the hegemony of the United States is created against Russia and on the fragments of Russia. Ukraine is the strategic gateway without which it can't be accomplished. "
The Grand Chessboard, by Zbigniew Brzezinski:

Watch "Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia" James Corbett, on Corbett Report
All Wars Are Bankers Wars
Joseph P Farrell: Sheeple Versus Banksters
War is a Racket by Smedley Butler
THE DEEP STATE - 50 Year Old Recording Explains| ORDER OUT OF CHAOS

Furthermore, the most amazing thing about these regime changes was what happened to each of these countries' treasuries afterwards. According to tradition, the 'designated /installed puppet, looted that country's treasury and removed all their GOLD, and with a plane waiting, flew to the US, to have the country's gold moved to the basement of either - Goldman Sachs, or J P Morgan Chase. This just took place in Bolivia. It was made public. Wonders never cease...

Here's the real story of gold..


    Of course, this was just a basic quick overview, but the point was this! - What did Bosnia have? NOTHING! - Except these 5 pyramids that the world took such good care to suppress for at least a couple thousand years. WHY DID THEY BOTHER?

    Many might think that this was some patriotic thing for her, but not so. She was actually born and bred 1,028.4 km, north west of Visoko, Bosnia. So not even close, considering how small the whole of Europe was. Besides, she'd been living in Canada for many years.

    This was all about her story in 2 volumes, the first part she finished back in 1986 (in Edmonton, AB), almost another lifetime. This story just reactivated itself with her amazing dream. Rene Descartes also used his vivid/lucid dreams to prompt him to write, and she too had this peculiar gift.

    Thanking the subconscious spheres of her mind for connecting her once again to her genetic melting pot of memories and ideas... That melting pot was made of some Pan-Slavonic, Pan-Austro-Hungarian, Pan-Holy Roman Empire - like entity that was invested in this fictional/or not so fictional Grimoire... it was the stuff of Here & Now, in more ways than one.

    So back to her dream? Why did Dr. Osmanagich made his way into it? Well, obviously; she just finished reading his book and checked out numerous YouTube presentations dealing with the subject.

    As for Professor Hapgood, he too had his rightful place in it. His amazing book: Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, made a huge impact on her.

    The Piri Re'is Map of 1513 was the main subject of this book, but there was much more there.
    "First, the Map. You got to find out that it features trigonometry that was not available /known before our era. Next, you'll see there is Antarctica, a green luscious land, without ice caps!"
    "How is that for climate change, you MK-Ultra'd Mainstream, Corporate Media 'politically correct', consumers!"

    What really did it for her when it came to Professor Hapgood, was his chapter IX A Civilization that Vanished:

    Dr. Osmanagich would no doubt agree that linear development of humanity must be given up. Apparently, the scientists doing the radiocarbon analysis on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, identified four (4) different sets of dates from submitted samples:

    30,000 -35,000 years ago, an advanced civilization built megalithic foundations of the Bosnian Pyramids, then they suddenly disappeared. They built the foundations/base/ of the Pyramid of the Sun, plus a few ceramic megalithic sculptures some featuring runes, a form of documentation, literally, set in stone.

    Parallel with the Megalithic builders, were "the advanced peoples that preceded all the now known peoples to history" - according to professor Hapgood - who provided humanity with maps that feature advanced trigonometry/mathematical knowledge of longitude and latitude, while showing us continents humanity didn't discover till centuries later. These maps also reveal astounding climatic and land changes that had been only recently made public. Yet this information is nearly suppressed, meaning, it's not at all promoted in mainstream/Corporate Media, or taught at western universities. This becomes apparent from Dr. Osmanagich's and Professor Hapgood's books, as well as, books by Christopher Dunn (The Giza Power Plant), Dr. Joseph P Farrell (Babylon's Banksters; Financial Vipers of Venice), or David Icke (The Robots' Rebellion; And The Truth Shall Set You Free), along with many others, considered 'not recognized' by mainstream, yet sold widely across the world.

    It seems that the suppression of geological and geographic knowledge goes hand in hand with historical, political, and financial information - all hugely covered up! This seems shocking to say the least, till one considers that our human civilization, including our timeline, might have been HIJACKED! Earth's anachronistic historical past points to somebody's interference from without. In other words, our world - Homo sapiens - are feeding another world. Is it a Planet or Star? Most likely, a Star, which finds that our planet, Earth, is an easy picking - gullible, to the point of stupidity / or is it mind-controlled on a large scale? Speaking of scales, no pun intended, lol...

    What the Kardashev scale does not mention is vampirism of one system targeting another - e.g., a younger, weaker planet. By using a variety of methods, such as a parasitic invasion/ viral infection, this invaded planet becomes A HOST FOR THE PARASITE. All sentient beings' /inhabitants' energy/plasma is siphoned off, or sacrificed - killed for plasma and loosh - which directly feeds the invading system. All acquired energy/loosh/adrenochrome is converted to let's say, the Star's reserves of plasma batteries/for perhaps hundreds or thousands of years of life-extension for them.

    Loosh is the stuff that feeds the invisible to us worlds. It's our grief, fear, insecurity, anger, rage, regret - you get the picture. The millions killed or maimed in endless wars, their cities bombed to rubble, families whose loved-ones had been raped or executed before their very eyes, citizens of a country whose ancestry's properties - houses and acres of ancient olive trees being bulldozed to the ground - ALL THAT is the LOOSH that feeds the parasite. The western world too scoops up the loosh for their Overlords, who through simple algorithm of inversion - which amounts to: By Deception We Shall Rule use the age-old SCOURGE of 'divide & conquer' - from political correctness and censorship, to One Currency to print endlessly, To Rule Them With. And let's not forget, 'they throw them a book of conduct, from warnings to 'smiting', and crucifixions; the inhabitants of these hapless worlds see themselves "On the Cross" as victims and they'll never forget... They also are told who their masters are; though these masters are merely facilitators for this process to be perpetually implemented. This program is probably an antediluvian D-Wave-computer-program, imported from another dimension...

    And now, the final straw! Let's talk about Dr. Farrell's favorite topic, The Topological Metaphor of the Medium.
    (The meme below is from one of his many books: Thrice Great Hermetica and The Janus Age)

    What The Topological Metaphor of the Medium amounts to is, you guessed it - NOTHING - the primordial nothing. In other words, it could all be no more than a holographic projection/ simulation - our world, that is... - Sound, frequency, vibration... a band of light, a frequency of light. A ghost in a machine, are we all just a ghost in a machine? Was Rene Descartes right?

    So how did we get here?

    Consider the following:

    The original caretakers of Earth vs Vampire AI Invasion

    "The original caretakers of Earth, the original souled humans started the first mystery schools and the first spiritual practices. All of this, the origins of civilization was stolen and used to create a false-reality. That false-reality is the legal system and the current society. This is about the fallen AI parasitic infection used to assimilate humans into a hive-mind domination system.

    That is an act of war, a spiritual act of warfare against humanity.

    There is one True Creator that has no physical form. There is an intended purpose with humanity and there was an act of spiritual or mental enslavement which resulted in the system that seeks to destroy humanity through mind-control and genetic modification.

    These entities attach through etheric tentacles to literally pull the bio-photonic light energy from the energy of the human. This is an AI infection that hybridizes humans and converts the brain and spine into a storage capacity for negative energy. The areas of the brain where this negative energy or negative thought-forms are contained are called 'nests' and this is literally like a parasitic egg-sack for discarnate lower 4th dimensional organisms.


    RE: 1913, message from the Banksters: "YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUGARCOAT IT ANYMORE, WE STOLE YOUR WORLD", a quote, by Aug Tellez...

    Part I. "CAESAR'S MESSIAH". Red Ice Creations Interview with Joseph Atwill

    Part II. "The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus". Red Ice Creations Interview with Joseph Atwill

    And Then They Came for the Books- Truthstream Media

    The Spiritual War On The Phoenician Parasites! & Dresden Zapped!

    * * *


    Bosnian Pyramids Archaeologists Have Made A Discovery That ...
    Search domain
    Archaeologists have found ANOMALIES at the Bosnian pyramids in Visoko which cannot be explained as a natural phenomenon.
    Is this the ultimate proof these are ancient MAN-MADE pyramids? The scientific data points to the pyramids being the oldest and biggest ever discovered.

    Please find it on bitchute, link above.
    Wikipedia completely discredits Osmanagich’s work, citing world’s academic community experts!

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