They call them: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Zurich, 1830

Frederick's Letter to Karl Stauber and H. C. Anderson

Dear H. C. and Karl,

Imagine! Creating the Myth of a Mozart! – who apparently wrote no more than 6 mediocre pieces of music, was an average musician, and a famous philanderer.

His father stage-managed him and created correspondence and public relations profile of his. The Illuminist fraternities – Rosicrucians, Jesuits, Free Masons, wanted to promote their own operatives, their Tribesmen, let’s just call them that. Also, the future mega-profits for ‘mega-geniuses’ like “Shakespeare, or Mozart – were the future cash-cows, future mega-industries: 'Money must not stagnate' – steal everything, lie about all! Inversion rules the world. And it's a criminal syndicate of merchants - merchants of money, merchants of fame, merchants of science, merchants of war, and merchants of all publishing, including world press, that's running this monster. These are the merchants of everything and creators of nothing...

The following composers and musicians created everything that Mozart is accredited with composing. These are the suppressed/denied people whose fame and fortune was stolen from them:
Josef Mysliveček (9 March 1737 – 4 February 1781), Paul Wranitzky/Pavel Vranický, (30 December 1756 – 29 September 1808), Anton Wranitzky/Antonín Vranický/ (June 13, 1761 – August 6, 1820),
Josef Fiala (3 February 1748 – 31 July 1816), and Johann Baptist Vanhal/Jan Křtitel Vaňhal (1739-1813) - All were Bohemian/Czech musicians and composers.
(The Illuminati didn’t want any fame attributed to the Slavs in general, and the Czechs in particular, especially since the Czechs were the vassal country of the Hapsburgs. But it's actually more than that, the unspoken rule for the high ranking Illuminist Free Masons was that all fame should only be attributed to their own Tribesmen, so that nations could see only the faces and names of their Tribe, then deduce that brilliance, intellect and industry were present in one race alone. This was to promote inferiority and envy in all other races and nationalities, and thus contribute greatly to oppressing the people of other nations.

Then the rest of these musicians and composers also came from countries of the Holy Roman Empire: Antonio Casimir Cartellieri (27 September 1772 – 2 September 1807) was Polish/Italian, and a good friend and associate of Beethoven. Mozart’s sister, Nanneri Mozart - (Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart), (30 July 1751 – 29 October 1829) and Maria Theresia von Paradis  (also von Paradies) (May 15, 1759 – February 1, 1824), both were Austrian musicians and composers. Maria Theresia von Paradis lost her sight at an early age. These two women piano virtuosi were supposedly the composers of many of Mozart's piano concertos. Mozart's father Leopold didn't want any prominence for his daughter. He did not even want her to receive advanced instruction of music. Fortunately, she left home and got married and continued studying music.
Mozart’s supposed Piano Concerto No. 18, in B-flat major was supposedly written for Maria Theresia von Paradis. The irony of that...

Josef Mysliveček, Paul and Anton Wranitzkys, these were the composers jointly making the largest contribution to Mozart’s gigantic fame! Those, like Mysliveček "provided his younger friend" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with "significant compositional models in the genres of symphony, Italian serious opera, and violin concerto"; both Wolfgang and his father Leopold Mozart considered him a friend until he "supposedly betrayed their trust over the promise of an operatic commission for Wolfgang", which Mysliveček apparently did not deliver as usual, and even probably failed to compose. The theatre in Naples ended up with no opera from "Maestro Mozart". - Mysliveček, finally had enough of supplying Mozart with his own pieces of music that paid him next to nothing and ended up being attributed solely to Mozart.

Contractors - from musicians-composers, scientists-inventors, academics-writers, all sold their lives and life's labors just to make an average living, and often, not even that; while the publishers, working on behalf of the financiers, got paid extremely well for rewriting the scripts, or rearranging a composition, like a symphony or opera. The politicians too were their own operatives, their Tribesmen, and jointly all were the acting puppets; impersonators of prime ministers, impersonators of composers, scientists and all - who had no choice but to sell their creations to the highest bidder, just to survive. They, the financiers were in charge of the money-printing machines, they in effect owned all money and could bribe the whole world with it, and pay to have their history and religion rewritten, many times over, to have it appear in their favour, including having their showcase of heroes of all the arts and sciences - the hired, acting puppets, like Mozart.

Thus, Mysliveček, became a significant cog in a colosal machinery where individual life’s efforts, industry and talent can be stolen, and attributed instead to a machine-picked agent that matches all the outward, visible criteria to generate the most profits for this pernicious organism. This organism is feeding on us - Homo sapiens - there to be used and scientifically managed. Gentlemen, this is a science - math and philosophy - engineered by a machine, and an alien organism is in charge.
By the way, how right you were, H. C., in your letter to the Professor!

This system can also ‘pick wings off of a fly’ – it destroys in large numbers at will, running on a formula, as Gottfried Leibniz concluded. His work, his Math, too, had been scientifically managed to be diminished. When after he had published his major contribution to Math - his Calculus, then shortly after, Isaac Newton came up with the same treatise on Calculus. Nowadays, people are trained to repeat what the Press concluded in the end, and that is - that these two mathematicians invented Calculus simultaneously. - I believe it was Jesuit Cardinal Conti who at that time was in charge of all publishing, including and especially, scientific publishing, who favoured Isaac Newton. No commentary required.
We’ve read their manual, but the reality is actually even worse. This system is designed to consume all – all human life on this planet. - It’s a liquidator, this machine. I've noticed their mode of operandi, being in the belly of the beast - Zurich, the printing machines, bullion, fractional reserve banking and - the Bank of all banks, just next door, in Geneva. - Is monetized debt real money? Or is it simulacra? Once you have noticed, once you have seen it - you cannot pretend it's not there.

But why am I raving like this? It's because what I told you is not the whole story. What followed us, at the University, attending this lecture of a visiting Austrian scholar, Dr. Emil Lupinsky's two hour talk about the lives and works of the group of composers who can jointly be called: "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart". He told us how people never stop laying flowers at the foot of Mysliveček's bust, at his family's house, in Prague. And how people in cafes around Prague carry on long, heated discussions, speculating on who of these three significant composers was the author of The Requiem, Don Giovanni, Cosi Fan Tutte, or The Marriage of Figaro.

Similarly, people in England can't decide who was the entity they call Shakespeare. Was it Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, or was it Francis Bacon, or Dr. John Dee? Or was it all three of these amazing men? It's apparently about denying knowledge of human history to the whole of human race. 'Tis the Masonic principle.

In addition, he told us that "Mysliveček was one of the most gifted and most prolific composers of eighteenth-century symphonies, although his contributions to this genre have been ignored by musicologists in western Europe and North America almost as completely as his operas have been." He added that now the Czech music critics are lamenting, saying, "how could we have allowed him to have vanished like that...", talking about Mysliveček, whose life was apparently unfulfilled on so many levels. When it came to the Wranitzky brothers, the sheer volume of all their works - by opus & number - and its quality, it apparently defies all odds that these works ended up as though erased from existence. Hard to believe considering how amazingly popular and frequently played these were in their day, in Vienna!

Dr. Lupinsky talked of some of these pieces of music in technical terms, from the perspective of a musician, which he was, and I cannot discern the value of, since I'm not a musician. He spoke of the music publishers, and libretto writers who were all prominent Illuminists: Hoffmeister, and Gieseke, Simrock, names that I was not familiar with, and their importance in this 'Mozart myth' creation is apparently enormous.

But I can only tell you what happened to Dr. Lupinsky after he had delivered this lecture, to a lecture hall that fits two to three hundred people.

The next day, the whole of Zurich heard the news how a visiting lecturer had met his end, or perhaps been murdered...

He was found dead on the cobble stones in front of his hotel; he had apparently fallen out of his room's window...

Even this is not the end of it. A friend of mine, at the University, the head of the Pathology Department, told me how he had opted out of doing the autopsy of Dr. Lupinsky, after he had noticed that his neck showed an extreme trauma of a metal wire having been the cause of his death rather than a fall from a three story hotel.

* * *

(Note from the author of Chapter 28, Volume II, gbpohoral: Since I have written this Chapter, I've noticed the changes taking place in the Wikipedia entry under Josef Mysliveček. The part of "Mysliveček provided his younger friend" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with "significant compositional models in the genres of symphony, Italian serious opera, and violin concerto"; both Wolfgang and his father Leopold Mozart considered him an intimate friend until he betrayed their trust over the promise of an operatic commission for Wolfgang" - This quoted passage had been ultered! A lot of additional text appeared.

The following 'significant smear' showed up. Strange I have not noticed it the first time I read the entry: "A letter of Leopold Mozart to his son of 1 October 1777 refers to the illness as something shameful for which Mysliveček was deserving of social ostracism. Mysliveček's reputation for sexual promiscuity (that was actually Mozart's reputation!), Leopold's insinuations, and the reference to facial disfigurement in Wolfgang's letter hint unmistakably at the symptoms of tertiary syphilis. Mysliveček's explanation for his condition to Wolfgang – bone cancer caused by a carriage accident — seems preposterous. (To whom?!) The "concern" (LOL) Mozart revealed to his father at this time for Mysliveček's sufferings "was very touching". "In the entire Mozart correspondence, no individual outside the Mozart family was ever the cause for so much outpouring of emotion as what is found in Wolfgang's letter of 11 October 1777." [- So there you have it. I haven't even checked what changes in Wikipedia entries might have been done to the other composers I mention in this chapter. And this chapter is still only on my hard drive and not yet posted on my website. - On this day, Oct 18, 2020.]

This is a cat and mouse game, but never mind. I'm not competing with the Search engines, and AntiVirus providers, they are all creators of meme viruses among others.

My stories are a work of fiction but the historical figures I talk about and the circumstances of their lives are NOT FICTION!

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