- A Will to Power: A Fugue for Five Voices, by G. B. Pohoral -

- synopsis volume I. -

October 11, 1986, Edmonton, Alberta

Dear Hanna,

The enclosed story, which I've just finished today, may well be somewhat autobiographical. If that sounds wacky, let me tell you about endorphins:

Besides performing some simple functions, like heartbeat, body temperature or sugar metabolism regulation, endorphins also enhance some complex functions which directly impact emotions, drives, or memory recall.
So follow this - and this is important, in view of what I've written - endorphins apparently "reinforce the flow of information from primitive centers in back of the brain forward to the higher thought centers in the cerebral cortex"*.
So I gather some wild DNA soup had been stirred up in my brain as a result of my routine of running four miles a day over the years, and this latest piece of writing is the outcome of that.

As for the DNA soup and what exactly occurs in such cases, Timothy Leary explains this better than most, in his Exo-Psychology.
He says that "Neurogenetic receptivity takes place when the nervous system starts receiving signals from DNA. DNA designs and constructs nervous systems and maintains supervisory and reconstructive communication with somatic cells and neurons mediated by RNA. The nervous system continually receives DNA and RNA signals. Inside the nucleus of every neuron, there 'lives' a DNA master-plan which contains a record of the chain of bodily re-incarnations back to the origin of life on this planet. When 'this' circuit is activated, the signals from DNA become conscious. Neurogenetic consciousness is not restricted to past perspectives. The outlines of the future DNA blueprint are also available" . . . (p: 120)

On the other hand, it doesn't really matter if it's my own personal history or just some snippets out of the collective unconscious. In any case, it's just a story of five 'ants' contributing to the good of their own particular 'anthill', as Confucius would probably say. In other words, it's an account of one entity's spiritual advancement throughout time.

Thanks to "the primitive centers of the brain", and my warped, academic sense of humor, the story turned out to be somewhat Jungian and Wagnerian in flavor. It upholds Jung's ideas on the symbolic archetypes. And it mirrors Wagner's mythology of the Ring, both in force - a will to power, and in recursivity of pattern.

My special contribution consists in linking a number of karmic theories with the Quantum Mechanics interpretation of the Many World theory. Douglas R. Hofstadter's essay Ant Fugue, in his Godel, Escher, Bach, was instrumental in showing me that connection. It inspired me to write my own fugue - A Will to Power: A Fugue for Five Voices.

So, as to my plans now, I'm about to say goodbye to Canada for some time. I'm leaving for California in a couple of months, and who knows what will happen. I've got nothing to keep me here, and there's nothing more to learn here either. I'm probably ready for some fiercer native Indian burial grounds. I'll keep you posted on it all.

* * *

©1986. G. B. Pohoral.

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