- A Will to Power: A Fugue for Five Voices, by G. B. Pohoral -

- RE: Chapter 1, volume II. - The Gate is Closed


Dear Dr. Osmanagich,

The posted chapters on this/ my website, including Synopsis Volume I, and Synopsis Volume II are samples of what this work of fiction is about.

The reason I'm telling you about my work in progress, is that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun plays a major part in this first chapter of Volume II.

I wanted to be the first one to tell you about it, rather than someone else pointing it out to you. Also, tied to these five pyramids are a few actual historical figures in this fictional account of mine. No spoiler alerts, so here is a short excerpt: A Prologue to Chapter 1, Vol II.

'Visitors, you're only here a short time, mesmerized sleepwalkers in a pale moonlight..'

It was dark. The path was barely visible, yet clear and unobstructed. She was on her way up.

Ahead of her, several figures emerged, men in long khaki coats, brass buckles shining in the moonlight.

She hid behind a tree and observed the scene. Behind her, out of nowhere, appeared a young girl and beckoned her to come along.

Before them rose a small plateau; the men were sitting on logs, talking among themselves. Watching them from afar, their attire and everything about them seemed so antiquated. The khaki green and brass buckles on their coats seemed from somewhere long ago, all devoid of color.

“I’m here to see Dr. Osmanagich”, she told them. The men smiled in her direction. Strange, unusual faces, potato-shaped heads, yellowed complexions, yet they seemed familiar.

“He hasn’t been born yet”, they echoed in unison.

“Professor Hapgood, then.. Could I see him instead?”, she almost pleaded with them, already dismayed that her mission was lost.

They shook their heads.

A long pause..

“There is somebody out there that we can tell you about...”, a deep voice spoke out: “Professor Boscovich passed away only recently. He established our foundation, paid us in gold. Made sure our descendants would always guard and disseminate the knowledge here and keep it secret."

“We’re the Guardians of the Gate.”

“He left a message for those who ask.
He said to tell you that Mr. Nikola Tesla would be born a day’s journey to the west from here, some seventy years from our time ...

“The Gate is closed..”

* * *

It was at that point that she woke up. Oppressive feeling weighing on her chest, goosebumps all over. She took a deep breath...

* * *

The following three chapters are the only ones that directly or indirectly tie into the Bosnian Pyramids:

  • Chapter 1, vol II
  • Chapter 3, vol II
  • Chapter 3-appendix-vol-II

    Please let me know if any technical information regarding the Bosnian Pyramids is incorrect and what edits you would advise.

    If the EU wasn't in this partial lockdown, I'd love to spend the whole summer, volunteering - helping out with excavations, in Visoko, tuning into the energy of the Bosnian Pyramids. I'm certain that what I'd discover would be groundbreaking. I can't write about the pyramids till I've been on location.

    At the moment, I'm working on chapters unrelated to the Pyramids; still, missing out on the entire summer 2020, in Visoko, will postpone finishing up my volume II. Strange how my Volume II, coincides with this societal mayhem/lockdown plandemic?! Let's hope that air travel remains uncensored, unvaxxed/untagged.

    I'm so glad that I found your book in PDF online! Without it I never would have found this missing part of my own book.

    Many thanks & very best regards,

    URL: https://gbpohoral.ca

    11/19/2021: My latest two Chapters 30 & 31, are pure fiction. I mention it here, in the event you get to see my website.

    Chapter-30, vol-II "Visoko - Under the Pyramid - 1830 - meets the Others - 2021".

    This chapter is surrealistic to say the least, though it does its job in presenting the issues that each society grapples with. The Others are a group of prominent Independent Media presenters, writers and video creators, who discuss their current difficulties in dealing with censorship. The two protagonists from the 1830 are privy to the entire exchange, which takes place in a mysterious old Italian villa, at the bottom of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

    Chapter-31, vol-II "Visoko - 1830, The Tunnels". As they say: Epilogue is a Prologue

    With Chapter 31, vol II, we come full circle. Here ends Part I, vol II.
    - A Will to Power - A Fugue for Five Voices, by G. B. Pohoral, continues with Part II, vol II.

    * * *

    P.S. Dr. Osmanagich's Server informed me that I was not allowed to email to that address, and they bounced off my email/this letter.
    End of story. 04/2020.

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