Human bodies are complex holographic machines, where each of its parts represents the whole.

TCM/acupuncture with its system of meridians/channels and their acupuncture source points have a topological/spatial grid spanning the whole of human body - front to back, top to bottom.

This topological spatial grid may extend to other spacetime. In my fiction writing, I travel in different worlds. - Yes, "We are many, in all these worlds."

All acupuncture points can be found on the surface of the body and accessed through the skin. When the meridian grid is activated by a strategically performed acupuncture treatment, the body Qi/energy is increased /re-aligned - the blood, lymph and the organs benefit. Hence acupuncture treatments are the most valuable form of medicine out there. Voltage is cure. See, Cortisone, Histamine, Adrenaline & Acupuncture.

This acupuncture system of meridians resembles the celestial grid of stars and constellations, or the Earth grid of ancient ley lines spread across the planet. All grids have an electromagnetic dimension. "Some have thought that the meridians look like the lines of force round a magnet and postulate magnetic theory." Electromagnetic energy, electric currents, and torsion fields mediate the cure that acupuncture provides.

  • – same as, condenser

    Although the biophotons carry electromagnetic energy and are contained mostly within the body, torsion waves easily penetrate tissue and form the primary holographic pattern outside the body. This includes the subtle structure of the aura and chakras, and also the long range signals used in distance energy healing:

  • -amazing-benefits-to-our-health-or-haarp-and-5g-killing-device/

  • The Wave Genome – Quantum Holography of DNA with Ulrike Granögger
  • (amazing, and comprehensive!)

    We are an Integrative Healing Arts Studio/ Tearoom, designed to teach Principles & Philosophy of TCM and acupuncture, and its holographic scientific foundations. TCM and Herbal Consultations, also available.

    Our website features geopolitical and medical blogs and short fiction. - All deal with issues currently affecting the entire Earth grid and its surface dwellers. It's important that everybody understands holographic theory and its biogenetic, archeological, geopolitical and astronomical implications. The links/ bibliography bottom page -in all files- might point out some important connections.

    (Best regards, Geene B. Pohoral, webmaster, designer, writer, acupuncturist & herbalist)

    Many videos have been removed by Google, so please copy the title and try another search, if video not available in its original location on YouTube. Also, go to the presenter's website and check their archives. Thanks.


    RE: Transhumanism & Eugenics:

    BREAKING NEWS: JUNE 27, 2021 - By Whitney Webb.
    "The world’s richest medical research foundation, the Wellcome Trust, has teamed up with a pair of former DARPA directors who built Silicon Valley’s skunkworks to usher in an age of nightmarish surveillance, including for babies as young as three months old. Their agenda can only advance if we allow it."


    Genetically engineered 'Magneto' protein remotely controls brain and behaviour

    It's a new method that uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly.
    Optogenetics has drawbacks, it's invasive. Chemogenetics is noninvasive/clandestine/remote/, their new technique overcomes its initial lack of speed.
    ‘Magnetogenetics’ is therefore an important addition to neuroscientists’ tool box'. That's why Graphene Oxide plays such an important role in the production of the vaccines, and face masks. Graphene Oxide is the greatest conductor of electricity and of heat. The quickest way to connect up the whole of human race to the Smart Grid. Nerve cell proteins which are activated by heat & mechanical pressure can be genetically engineered so ..they become sensitive to radio waves and magnetic fields! Attaching them to an iron-storing protein called ferritin, or to inorganic paramagnetic particles is the answer!

    So here 5G or higher microwave frequencies, their satellites in Space, heat up the atmosphere, and people's brains, then the Micro-Dust aerosolized particulates are loaded with these ferritin Nano-particles - lipid coated, and spike protein-fortified to accomplish their goal - to access the brain blood barrier and start inquiring into and manipulating human action, motivation, and reward impulses - Corpus Striatum in the brain enables this. They are specifically targeting reward impulses - to increase Dopamine levels in all who are Gov/State compliant in action and narrative. Those not compliant will not have this 'happy drug' activated in their brain. So they have perfected the Pavlov experiment effect remotely - RE: WEF's "You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy..."

    Excerpts below:

  • "Nano and Micro Graphene Tubes Cause Pathological Blood Coagulation Leading to Hypercapnia, Hypoxia and Death[73]"
  • "Are There Parasites in the "Vaccines": A 50 micron elongated body, as seen in Figure 13 is a sharp mysterious presence in the Pfizer vaccine. It appears and is identified anatomically as a Trypanosoma cruzi parasite of which several variants are lethal and is one of many causes of acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS. [Atlas of Human Parasitology, 4th Edition, Lawrence Ash and Thomas Orithel, pages 174 to 178][9][83]"
  • "Figure 14 identifies a composition of nano particulates including carbon, oxygen chromium, sulphur, aluminum, chloride and nitrogen also found in the CoV-19 "vaccines".
  • "The Corona Effect and Spike Protein Effect: The Endogenously Created "Corona Effect" and "Spike Protein" ARE Caused by Chemical, Parasitical and Radiation Poisoning from Reduced Graphene Oxide and Microwave Radiation![12][82][83]"
  • "The graphene oxide nanobots are powered by using magnetic fields (EMF) or ultrasound, making it possible for them to travel deeply into the human body tissues, organs and glands (such as the reproductive organs,[80][82][83] bone marrow, across the blood-brain barrier and the air-blood barrier of the lungs via the interstitial fluids - the largest organ of the human and animal body called the Interstitium. [81][82][83]"
  • "All these so-called “vaccines” (the name “vaccine” is likely to be an escamotage (trickery) used for bureaucratic and technocratic reasons in order to receive an urgent approval, ignoring all the normal rules...)are patented and therefore their actual content is kept secret even to the buyers, who, of course, are using taxpayers' money. So, consumers (taxpayers) have no information about what they are receiving in their bodies by inoculation. Humanity is kept in the dark as far as the nano particulate technological processes involved are concerning, on the negative effects on the cells of the body, but mostly on the possible magneticotoxic, cytotoxic and genotoxic nano-bio-interaction effect on the blood and body cells.[82]"

    NEW UPDATE - OCT 2021

    A 21ST Century Roadmap to Technological Control! Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep in this groundbreaking interview with AI Synthetic Biology Researcher Elana Freeland on her new book, Geoengineered Transhumanism. Elana's remarkable scientific and esoteric work connects major military operations of global control and goes inside the electromagnetic lockdown of the Space Fence. She shows us the rising landscape of technological control and how humanity is to be neurologically herded toward a Transhumanist future unless it wakes up now. (Ahriman, Steiner, Mystery Schools and the Eighth Sphere are also covered!)

    "The waveform nature of the body means that diseases – actually waveform glitches – can be broadcast through frequency to the population and do not have to be circulated biologically"**

    Dr Peter Gariaev, his research, RE: "The waveform nature of the body means that diseases – actually waveform glitches – can be broadcast through frequency to the population and do not have to be circulated biologically"

    This discovery had earned Dr. Gariaev a Nobel Prize Nomination. Unfortunatelly, this was a dangerous piece of research that he disclosed. A sudden 'brain edema' ended his life! He was apparently a healthy man... but didn't live long enough to enjoy wide recognition for his phenomenal discovery. This discovery is so relevant to HAARP/DARPA'S use of 5G/6G satellites in Earth orbit. THIS IS THE REAL CAUSE OF 'COVID-19'. We are being propagandized, infected, injured or killed with FREQUENCIES!

  • Real genes can dematerialize and be components of non-real electromagnetic fields.
  • As well as, genes can reappear as matter and acquire the state of electromagnetic field.
  • This means that both our genes and the virus genes can fluctuate in such a quantum way.
  • Hence the illusive and dangerous behavior of ‘SarsCov2, a dormant virus, asymptomatic conditions, inconclusive tests, at once positive and negative.

    See: The Wave Genome – Quantum Holography of DNA with Ulrike Granögger

    Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric #3: Cosmic Jets -
    It is a mystery that space science must confront: What force is capable of producing high-energy jets spanning not millions of miles, but many light-years across the cosmos? What confines the jets to narrow streams across cosmic distances, and what prevents the so-called streams of gas from dispersing in the “vacuum” of space? We explore this question and more in part three of our ongoing video series, "Top Ten Reasons the Universe is Electric." Andrew Hall: Electric Earth | EU2017 Michael Clarage: Electrical Shaping of Biology/Thunderbolts I Michael Clarage: Electrical Form and Function/Thunderbolts II
    - ...When you change your purpose, you change your form Is there a curvature? That is the question... You decide...

    "There are 612 primate species and subspecies recognized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and not one has Rh Negative blood."

    (Interesting, wouldn't you say? --- EARTH = EAT RH (-blood) --- Both Rh-positive and Rh-negative? They consume it all, from adrenochrome - drinking of blood, to even consuming human flesh, allegedly...)

    'When all that the population has learned is FALSE, we will have succeeded' - the FBI/CIA motto, and ongoing policy/agenda...

    What does China say about the US at this time? They call the Liberal Neocon Woke - BAIZUO - saying that the country is in its own Cultural Revolution period of 'vicious anti-intellectualism'. That's being kind and diplomatic, I think... Of course, this goes for the whole of North America. Canada with its "peoplekind" is just as absurd. "Beam me up, Scotty..."


    In Israeli newspaper,, Avi Lieberman accuses PM Netanyahu of funding HAMAS, via Qatar, paying them $30 million/per month! Finance Minister Cohen stated: "Regrettably, HAMAS is an Israeli creation". Apparently, Dr. Ron Paul spoke about this in the US Congress years ago, and that too had been hushed up.

    Like many, I always suspected that HAMAS was an Israeli Gov's Palestinian ISIS proxy. Not many imagined that the whole of the Middle East knew this all along. Well, $30 million/per month, $300 million/per year, Israel is paying HAMAS, via Qatar, in $15 million instalments! US taxpayers are footing the bill... obviously.

    Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Hassan Yassin, founder of HAMAS, Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, with apparent Freemasonic leanings; since 1987's First Intifada, has been funded by Israel, as the Israeli proxy/ISIS in Palestine. HAMAS' rocket attacks on Israel, thus 'officially' justified/ and still justify Israel's endless attacks/wars on unarmed Palestinians. The whole world knew and chose to be silent about this!

    Today 05/24/2021, for 2 hours straight, the car horns continued blaring in the downtown core Vancouver, BC. Palestinian flags, and pro-Palestinian signs were displayed in this demonstration of endless procession of vehicles. NEW! IMPORTANT!

    Source Links:

    Dr. Pinky Feinstein, the chairman of the Israeli People's Committee, with a crucial message to the world: "Never has a vaccine injured so many."

  • In January 2021, there were 3,000 records of vaccine adverse events, including 2,900 for mRNA vaccines.
  • Compared to other years, mortality in Israel is 40 times higher., Jason Bermas, in group chat. The-Studies-That-Show-BUDESONIDE-AND-IVERMECTIN-WORK, are being supressed. Why? If people start getting well, using these meds, will they want to take the vaccines? Not likely!, with Witney Webb
    This is an important interview with Derrick-Broze, author of How to Opt-Out of the Survaillance State.

    That the doom and gloom of 'the religion of climate change & carbon dioxide' is only good for the banksters & their carbon tax, has been known around Eurasia and everywhere with thinking people for a long time.

    Open Seeds: Biopiracy and the Patenting of Life -Corbett Report w/Dr. Vandana Shiva
    "Equity = Monopoly", she tells us...

    Watch Professor Freeman Dyson, and Dr. Patrick Moore explain:
    Carbon Dioxide is Making The World Greener (w/ Freeman Dyson, Institute for Advanced Studies)

    "Computer models do a good job of helping us understand climate but they do a very poor job of predicting it. That is according to physicist Freeman Dyson of the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey Dyson says, “As measured from space, the whole earth is growing greener as a result of carbon dioxide, so it’s increasing agricultural yields, it’s increasing the forests and it’s increasing growth in the biological world, and that’s more important and more certain than the effects on climate.” He acknowledges that human activity has an effect on climate but claims it is much less than is claimed. He stresses the non-climate benefits of carbon are overwhelmingly favourable."
    A Death of Carbon (w/ Dr. Patrick Moore, environmentalist) Dr. Patrick Moore takes issue with NGOs over climate, genetically modified organisms and the "truth" about carbon. He says we were literally running out of carbon before we started to pump it back into the atmosphere. “CO2 has been declining to where it is getting close to the end of plant life, and in another 1.8 million years, life would begin to die on planet Earth for lack of CO2.”
    According to Moore, it is life itself that has been consuming carbon and storing it in carbonaceous rocks. He goes on to say, “Billions of tons of carbonaceous rock represent carbon dioxide pulled out of the atmosphere, and because the Earth has cooled over the millennia, nature is no longer putting CO2 into the atmosphere to offset this.”

    In other words, the only thing that's "sustainable & equitable" are their lies!

    NEW UPDATE Sept 2021: Whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts Reveals Central Banking Reset Plan! - with Dark Journalist, Daniel List, on YouTube
    Bankers agreed during FED meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to take down the economy with earth shattering implications for millions!

    Catherine reveals how the Central Banking Warfare model has been utilized to bring us to the brink of world dictatorship while putting a Transhumanist control grid in place for total domination of human life. "A re-engineering of the financial transaction system as part of a larger re-engineering of the global governance system. And when I say 're-engineering', part of that is a consolidation of the financial coup."

  • on


    Dan Dicks,, Vancouver, BC based reporter, filmmaker and writer, keeps us informed about what's happening in Canada.

    Derrick Broze interviews Ramiro Romani, the mind behind #TakeBackOurTech and a member of the Greater Reset and Freedom Cell Network team. Get the Above Phone: Find Ramiro's work: Above Agency: Take Back Our Tech: Telegram channels: @takebackourtech @takebackourtech_chat @neo_network

    Ted Kuntz and Rocco Galati On the Global Agenda & Media Collusion
    Rocco Galati is a Constitutional Trial Lawyer and scholar. Ted Kuntz is a researcher in the area of vaccines and biotech. This is the very best team of defenders that Canada has to offer! They'll take on the Canadian Gov and sue them on behalf of its citizens for Crimes Against Humanity. We in Canada have to help and raise some serious money to make it happen.

    What's been taking place across the world since March 2020 is Crimes Against Humanity! Treason! And most governments are in on it. Why? Because most Governments are Corporations! What is a merger of State and Corporate Power? - It's Fascism.

    What is a Conspiracy? When two or more entities - e.g. corporations, governments, parties, etc. - collude to affect the same end/ results. - It's a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful/ harmful.

    Conspiracy theory/theorist is an FBI/ CIA's most effective propaganda "to deny, deflect, diminish then dismiss allegations of a real conspiracy.",

    Imagine Starbucks merging with Google, Amazon, and Microsoft's techno-agenda to start offering Covid testing and vaccination kiosks in all their locations. Well, this is may not be fiction:

    UPDATE: Jan 2021 - New from

    These are very important updates. This team of Independent Media writers and broadcasters are working for us like nobody else out there. I post their information everywhere on my website. See my Homepage, and Appendix-Covid-2020.

    Another Mega Group Spy Scandal? Samanage, Sabotage, And The SolarWinds Hack Posted on January 21, 2021 AuthorWhitney WebbComments(2)

    "The devastating hack on SolarWinds was quickly pinned on Russia by US intelligence. A more likely culprit, Samanage, a company whose software was integrated into SolarWinds’ software just as the “back door” was inserted, is deeply tied to Israeli intelligence and intelligence-linked families such as the Maxwells.
    In mid-December of 2020, a massive hack compromised the networks of numerous US federal agencies, major corporations, the top five accounting firms in the country, and the military, among others. Despite most US media attention now focusing on election-related chaos, the fallout from the hack continues to make headlines day after day.

    The hack, which affected Texas-based software provider SolarWinds, was blamed on Russia on January 5 by the US government’s Cyber Unified Coordination Group. Their statement asserted that the attackers were “likely Russian in origin,” but they failed to provide evidence to back up that claim." (Pls. read the entire article!)

    Jan 6, 2021 - FBI False Flag to infiltrate, then indict & arrest GOP/Trump supporters to justify the Gov.'s new "White Supremacists/Domestic Terrorists" narrative and aggressive anti-agenda, using their old 'Operation Condor' (see: Even peaceful protests will now be classified as domestic terrorism.

    BTW, Q-Anon is/was a PSY-OP - CIA/NSA/MOSSAD, most likely all were participating, to what end? To set up the populists, libertarians, Independent Media; to set up a Police State, a fascist regime with a far greater censorship of all who dare to speak against the State & Corporations. Trump's followers may end up in Camps. Independent Media have already been demonetized, or outright banned on YouTube, (their accounts moved to Rokfin, Bitchute, Odysee, etc.). What is yet to come is right now unimaginable.
    This was how Trump's presidency was used. He was bought and paid for by his trillionaire(-1) and billionaire(-several) friends, "the party of Jeffrey Epstein/& Roy Cohn, Trump's mentor", to play a role of "liberator" who'd "drain the swamp". Trump was "the swamp", a large scale grifter, no different than his current replacement. Q-Anon convinced the gullible crowd, his followers, to "Trust the Plan". Some of the Independent Media pushed this narrative as well. They too were obviously paid well for these lies!, with Jason Bermas

    1) 'Your Body Is The Battlefield' In The War On COVID & NIH, DARPA- Wittney Webb on The Last American Vagabond -the Webb Series.

    2) DHS Proposes Massive Expansion Of "Collection & Use Of Biometrics" & The New 'COVID World' Design - on TLAV

    3) "This Year Is Critical" [NEW VIDEO] David Icke, Agenda 21:

  • End to National Sovereinty
  • State plan and management of all resources
  • Relocation of population to vacate agricultural lands
  • Human settlement zones - into (on the map: red to green) mega cities

    So where is there to go? Reverse engineer history, the part that's being fed to us...?

    This too has been suppressed since Nikola Tesla's death in 1943: Tesla's Inventions - Gadgets & Robotics
    Nikola Tesla's Death Exposed - by Bright Insight, on YouTube

    Some amazing visuals here: Inside the Tabernacle Tent
    The Secret Power Of The Purple Reign!
    Another vital decode, and reverse engineering of antiquity. Martin Liedtke looks into the most valuable commodity in Phoenicia Purple Dye. Looking into the Tabernacle of the book of Exodus, the tent was said to house the Ark Of The Covenant which has more going on than one might imagine.

    “We’re all Palestinians. We just haven’t noticed yet!" = Many chatrooms' recent startling conclusions! - Who is saying this: The Trolls? Subscribers? Or both?

    See these important presentations below:


    Whitney Webb Explains The Epstein And Gates Relationship You Won't Hear About Excerpt from her soon to be published book: By Whitney Webb, ONE NATION UNDER BLACKMAIL.
    See, Food, Money & Freedom Can All Be Yours…IF You’d Just Take The Vaccine, Please We’re BEGGING YOU!!!!!
    From Dan Dicks,

    Pandemic II" BLACKROCK; Mask Hysteria, GM Mosquitoes, BIOMILQ & Bill Gates - On The Last American Vagabond/archived - Banksters are out of options! - Enter BLACKROCK/ShadowBank - enter COVID-19!

    They Don't Talk About This" - IT'S Going On TODAY - David Icke

    CORONA VIRUS MIND BLOWN with Whitney Webb and Tim Dillon
    (The scariest information out there: Control and Depopulation of North America.)

    Leaks expose OPCW criminal cover-up: Syria chem weapons/ US media is silent - on Push Back, Grayzone
    Abby Martin Sues Georgia Over Israel Loyalty Oath Law [Press Conference/Interview]
    What Is Really Happening In Australia? - David Icke
    [Australia: 183 people arrested for setting forest and bush fires!!! -Who benefits?]

    The Climate Hoax Transforming Our Society - David Icke !!!!!
    A Stunning Admission on the So-Called Population Crisis - On Truthstream Media
    Vanessa Beeley Interview - Turkey & US Openly Protect Extremists In Idlib - On The Last American Vagabond
    The Spiritual War On The Phoenician Parasites! & Dresden Zapped! on Martin Liedtke/ ThinkTank
    Vaccine Big Brother Goes Full Fascist - David Icke Dot Connector Videocast

    Messiah Complex: Lev Parnas Delivered Chabad Lubavitch Gift to "Messiah Trump"
    Foreign Agent act -Trump & co. In Violation of Fed law!

    Israel has played a key role in US aggression towards Iran - on Grayzone; Gareth Porter
    As the Trump administration's stated rationale for killing Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis collapses, journalist Gareth Porter has pieced together the overlooked background. Porter reports that the assassination was in fact the culmination of a lengthy provocation campaign involving Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and the Israeli government, which carried out a number of under-reported bombings inside Iraq and Syria in the months prior.
    [Guest: Gareth Porter. Journalist and historian. His latest book, with John Kiriakou, is "The CIA Insider's Guide to the Iran Crisis.]

    This Declassified Document Is the Ultimate Proof
    Bin Laden, 9:11 & The CIA Database - David Icke !!!!!
    Have You Ever Heard of The Prometheus Project? (Truthstream Media – slow destruction of humanity/ hive mind)

    "America Exists Today to Make War”: Lawrence Wilkerson on Endless Wars & American Empire
    Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto, Vandana Shiva tells FRANCE 24
    Ex-US intel officer: Pompeo 'lying through his teeth' on Iran (Scott Ritter on Grayzone!!!) Statistical and predictive geopolitical information. To many, a NWO Global depopulation agenda, and operational Psy-Op.

    Many videos have been removed by Google, so please copy the title and try another search. - 1) presenter's own website, 2) bitchute, rokfin, etc. Also, not all listed blogs here are imbedded links. Thanks.

    Right now, I'm trying to finish a writing project - my volume II of a book of fiction. My chapter 1, volume II and many subsequent chapters are featured on this website, starting on: Chapter-1-vol II, including the Prologue to Chapter 1, vol II.

    AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT/or not! Is Now the Time 'To Do What We're Told'? -Truthstream Media, archived

    The Even Older Plan for World Gov't You've Never Heard Of - by Truthstream Media, on YouTube

    A very Different Narrative:
    Designation of the Nations This is very much related to Jon Levi's original disclosures!
    Here you are descending deeper into the proverbial rabbit hole...

    [RE: Aug Tellez quote below. The disclosed information in some of his presentations was apparently provided by Secret Societies.] - Food for thought, in any case...

    Earth Unveiling Disclosure Situation, The Time Matrix Avatar System Soul Farm - Aug Tellez

    "Non-Human entities manage the Earth society as an energy harvesting matrix for lower energy. One could say this is Phase 1 information because - this deals with the corruption, however because this includes information on advanced technology, non-terrestrial planes, and non-human entities this is actually 1, 2, and 3.
    - However, the ultimate picture is that the entire plane is corrupted, there is literally no end to Phase 1 and they are all connected.
    There are memory wipes in this current system. A team of people/entities/ are there to assist in nullifying the wipes.

    Every return of an entity/spirit to the surface requires complete restructuring of the spirit’s view of the universe/life.

    Background daemon processing systems, are designed as programs to ‘clean up’ or maintain the continuity of their system/set-up: ‘the carrying-out of the memory wiping’. . .

    ... Somewhere in an earlier version of civilization someone introduced memory wiping to the system. The energy harvesting system is a natural effect of the reality construct where the soul holds more energy than the body -- so the body is used as a way to siphon off energy from the soul by more powerful ‘domain lords’ who have figured out how to remain indefinitely.

    The current system is based upon this format. Humanity is farmed for their energy and the controllers or ones in the know profit off of the energy farming by maintaining continual power and by literally taking the energy and converting it into a format that allows them to live very long lives.

    Compare narratives & Discern!

    Bio/Med Bibliography

    Electric Universe, Holographic Universe, Topological Grid / items of interest:

    Keywords: electric currents, Birkeland currents, plasma filaments, fractality, gravitational fields, magnetic fields (EMF); immortality, wave form information field, frequency, vibration, resonance, stargates, time travel, torsion fields, phase conjugate mirroring Michael Clarage: Electrical Shaping of Biology, Part I Michael Clarage: Electrical Form and Function, Part II Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric #7: Charged Planets (Outer Solar System) | Space News
    Also, see:

    Watch "The Isotropic Vector Matrix - Nassim Haramein ( Abstract from Cognos 2010 conference)" on YouTube
    Watch Time Travel: An Approximate Mathematical Solution - Richard Lighthouse #FQXiVideoContest2014 The Wave Genome – Quantum Holography of DNA with Ulrike Granögger
    Watch Michael Tellinger's Frequency/Resonance disclosure
    Watch Michael Tellinger: Ancient civilizations and free energy


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    "PM Justin Trudeau called one of the world’s strictest vaccine-mandate policies, unjabbed Canadians are being increasingly restricted/excluded not only from work, but from social life as well." Supposedly, this is done for their well-being and health." Eva Bartlet argues that it’s nothing but 'medical fascism'.

    What does that mean for me/this independent creator? No contract work, and perhaps not even any TCM consultations. Will I be able to finish my book? Much remains uncertain.

    I might soon get a P.O. Box for Donations, though now it would not be an advisable expense, unless I see that people are actually visiting my website and reading my writing, both my geopolitical and medical blogs, and that they are enjoying my fiction writing.

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